Big Ben's future not exactly clockwork

We would all love to be in Ben Roethlisberger's position right now. He's a first round selection for the Pittsburgh Steelers, the most trusted franchise in NFL history and an organization that just loves their quarterbacks. Whether or not the fans will also embrace the 2004 first round draft pick really depends on Ben.

Some fans love the pick and others hate it. Like him or not, #7 is here to stay. What might we expect from Ben Roethlisberger?

He prides himself on the level of confidence he can bring into the huddle. That's a good start. He's already been 'labeled' and the good thing about him is that he's going to compete. What happens next is the real barometer for success in the NFL. Can he adjust to the speed of the game? Recognition of blitzes, mismatches, and managing the game can be a huge step when going from college to the pro's. The quicker he learns the offense, the quicker the ball can be thrown on anticipation and create a tempo for himself. That's only going to make that position better and whoever ends up playing, will owe it all to Ben.

But there is really no way to predict how a QB will respond to these challenges in the NFL.

I see him as a short-term project, learning on the run and absorbing as much as possible. There are a tremendous number of resources to his or anyone's liking and that's called VIDEO. Become a student of the game. This is now his profession and he's getting BIG money to succeed.

Ben certainly has all the tools to succeed at this level, but will he focus and apply himself as all successful quarterbacks have before him? Ben may have a big arm, but that won't matter if he can't make the correct read.

And how will he handle the rough times, when the fans turn on him? He'll have to take the good with the bad and remain focused. If he's willing to outwork his competition, he'll have a much better chance to succeed.

We all wish him well. The Steelers have addressed their QB needs either short term or long, and time will only tell if 'BEN' is the reason the fans will show up to cheer on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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