Another blunder by Burress

As we've seen so often on the field the last few years, no one can mis-time a play like Plaxico Burress.<BR><BR> His boycott of mini-camp last weekend only adds to the legend of a guy whose time in Pittsburgh draws closer to an end with each passing week.

He's spiked a live ball, jumped early, jumped late, walked around a city street with an open container, held a party in the middle of game week and now has boycotted mini-camp for no real good reason.

Oh, that reason is supposed to be personal, and we're promised an explanation when he reports—that's if Burress doesn't become the first player in Steelers history to boycott the new phenomenon known as coaching sessions.

You can just picture Burress now, explaining to a mass of nodding media noodlers his grave personal crisis that kept him from mini-camp. He'll do this at the end of practice while Bill Cowher, Kevin Colbert and Dan Rooney do a slow burn in the shadows.

Whatever Burress concocts as a personal reason won't cover the fact it's all about money. He's in the last year of his contract and most assuredly feels disrespected because the Steelers haven't opened renegotiations. And this is where Burress' incredible lack of poor timing comes into play.

The Steelers had just drafted a quarterback, and one with a big arm who'll need all the help he can get in the form of big-play receivers. For all Burress lacks in work ethic, hands, jumping ability and focus, he's still a threat on the field. The feeling here is that the Steelers were coming around to that fact after securing Ben Roethlisberger in the draft and wondering what their future offense will look like.

The Steelers had to realize that Hines Ward cannot carry a passing game, and that they'll need a running back soon, probably very soon. Running back would be the next offensive priority, so it may, the Steelers were thinking, be wise to re-sign Burress.

Sure, he has a few problems, and some of them are great, but he's not too bad of a guy. Is he?

Well, thanks to that famous Burress sense of timing, that question is again out the window. With this recent move, Burress more than likely has the Steelers thinking about his problems instead of the pluses he might bring to the future offense.

What had been a possible turning point in his career in Pittsburgh has instead become another spike of a live ball.


Another poor attitude reared its ugly head last weekend, and pardon me for griping about those who don't help us do our jobs.

Yes, that's a complaint of mine to fellow writers, that fans don't care about our personal problems, but it's my opinion that Chad Scott's lousy attitude with reporters is probably a sample of his attitude with everyone – teammates and coaches included.

Last weekend was just another example of what it's like to interview anyone who sits next to Scott's locker. He'll interrupt that interview with sighs and sniggers and groans and snide comments. The dude makes more noise during other people's interviews than he does uttering his famous "no comments" after being burned by opponents after a typically lousy performance.

Yeah, I know, this problem has nothing to do with production or performance. At least that's the impression this minor gripe is leaving, but as I said earlier it's indicative of Scott's overall sour demeanor.

A guy like Dedrick Roper or Nick McNeil wasn't expecting to be interviewed, and frankly the interviewer wasn't exactly prepared for either of these free agents. So, Chad, please excuse the basic opener of, "So, tell me a little about yourself."

"Chortle, guffaw, pshaw, mumble, grumble, gurgle," went the typical Scott diatribe. Hey, Chad, want to talk to us yourself? No, of course not. Then again, with your little ankle sprain, you're not even on the field.

Let's make it permanent. Heck, Ricardo Colclough looks like he can play a little bit. Why should the Steelers pay sour-puss Scott more than $4 million for one big play every four games, if that? It's time to ship this guy too.


OK, to excuse my own personal ramblings about a couple of clubhouse dogs, I must walk for the homeless.

I know I talk about Tunch's walk for the Light of Life Mission every year, but it really does a soul good. I urge anyone with a free morning this Saturday to participate in the walk that's approximately five miles. It starts at Heinz Field and is worthwhile not only for the homeless, but it's fun.

There's always a good conversation to be had, whether it's with a former Steeler, a member of the media (yes, it's possible) or other fans who have good stories to tell. Last year, my favorite part of the walk were the moments spent with Dwayne Woodruff and his wife. The year before, I valued my time with Jimmy Krenn and Guy Junker. Mike Prisuta's always around, but I take him for granted. And going around the rumor mill is the chance, the slight chance, that famous Steel City columnist Dale Lolley will show up at Heinz Field. If he does, be sure to ask him about his pal Chad Scott.

Hope to see you Saturday.

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