Honoring our nation's veterans?

Maybe Plaxico Burress is getting ready to honor our nation's veterans. <br><br> That can be the only explanation for Burress' decision to miss the opening day of the Steelers' "voluntary" coaching sessions Tuesday.

With Memorial Day coming up in a couple of weeks, Burress obviously couldn't be bothered to show up at the team's practice facility.

Unless, of course, his holdout from the Steelers' minicamp a couple of weeks ago had more to do with his disappointment over the team's lack of interest in signing him to a new contract than it did his insistence that he skipped the three days of workouts because they were held on the same weekend as Mother's Day.

By now, you've read or heard that Burress said his reason for missing the minicamp was because he had to be with his two younger brothers as they mourned the loss of their mother two years ago.

But in his interview last week with James Brown on the Sporting News Radio Network – still the only known Burress sighting at this point – Burress couldn't resist the opportunity to express his disappointment the Steelers haven't opened contract negotiations.

"What they are saying is not being lived up to right now," Burress said. "I think they are unsure of my future there. If so, then all this talk about my contract wouldn't have come up. It would have already been handled."

But remember, his decision to skip minicamp wasn't about the contract. It was about his mother.

"I don't see how anyone could say this has anything to do with my contract," Burress said. "Maybe if I had made a phone call to the let them know I wouldn't be at camp, then people would have thought differently. I never would have showed my face around there (during the offseason) if it had anything to do with my contract."

So with his decision not to show up Tuesday, we can only assume – since it's not about the contract – Burress is skipping out for another reason.

Who could be angry with him for honoring our nation's veterans?

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