Bites From the Steel Apple

I know. I've been gone a while. Well, here's the deal. As soon as the Steeler season ended, I jumped over to to cover the exciting University of Pittsburgh basketball season. Then, I had to finish up some education commitments. But, now I'm back, Plaxico is still away after disappearing sometime last October and Ben Roethlisberger is anointed the savior for the next two years.

  • Let's talk about Plaxico for a minute. Burress has done some stupid things in his life as a Steeler and this one cuts the cake. He isn't particularly fast, strong or even motivated, but he has proven to produce when he's focused. I remember, a few times last season, where Burress was the only Steeler to run down a cornerback who had received one of Tommy Maddox's gifts. Some folks think that Burress will find his "focus" again since he's in a contract year. But, part of me thinks that Burress wants out of Pittsburgh regardless of whatever he produces stat-wise. It just seems like, based on his James Brown interview, that he doesn't like living in Hines Ward's shadow - the Hines "Pride of Pittsburgh" Ward that is the darling of every blue-collar worker in the tri-state area. Consider, this quote from that interview:

    "I just go to practice and work hard. Whether people look up to me or not, that's their decision. I don't complain. I just work hard and go home. Hines (Ward) is the leader on that football team, everybody pretty much follows him."

    That sounds remarkably like someone who wishes he were as popular in the locker room as Hines Ward.

  • I believe Plaxico when he says he'll show up on the first day of training camp. I just don't believe he means this year.

  • Tommy Maddox has just been cast in the new remake of television's "The Fall Guy."

  • I don't think Chad Scott is going anywhere. I won't be holding my breath on June 1st.

  • Jason Gildon is a true professional. He showed up for the voluntary workouts, knowing that it was just an audition for another team. I think it's a classy move from one of the most criticized Steelers.

  • I like the idea of resigning James Farrior and Kendrell Bell. Especially with no immediate replacements on the horizon.

  • If Charlie Batch gets cut, I'll eat my socks.

  • And if you are the Girl Apple, you know how nasty my socks really smell.

  • The Oakland Raiders continue to step further away from another trip to the Super Bowl by signing not only Amos Zereoue, but also Troy Hambrick. Remember Hambrick is the guy that didn't like talking to Bill Parcells because he was too smart.

  • Does anyone else think Rudi Johnson was a one-hit wonder?

  • Does anyone else think that Corey Dillon in New England is perhaps Bill Belichick's first big mistake in a few years?

  • Ricky Williams does dope. No big shocker there. Miami won't get to the Super Bowl next year. No big shocker there either. Their defense is still too small and will wear down by the time December arrives. And Dave Wannstedt still has a job. What a joke.

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