Porter, Cowher and Colbert Speak Out

<b>Joey Porter</b><br> Do you think Jason will get picked up? <br><br> <b> JP</b> "I think he can still go out there and play at a Pro Bowl level. He's definitely a great player. As far as his game declining, nah, I don't see his game declining. Pittsburgh is going in a different direction right now and he's the odd man out."

What will it be like to see him maybe in a Browns uniform or a Ravens uniform?

JP "Browns is not so bad. But Ravens, that would hurt. I wish the best him, but that would hurt. Anybody but them."

He'd get to be with your buddy Ray Lewis.

JP "That's what I'm saying. Jason's going to ride with whoever he's with. I would hate to see him jumping around with that guy. It's a tough situation, but I wish the best for him."

Do you want to replace him as defensive captain?

JP "I feel like I'm already a captain. I don't have to be voted in to be a captain. I'm going to lead by example. I feel like the guys are going to follow me whether I'm voted captain or not. I'm still in that leadership role for the defense, anyway."

Bill Cowher
"We're going to release Jason today. He's had a great career here. He's been a big contributor in the success we've had. But the decision had to be made and I wish him the best."

Is this the toughest part of being a coach, having to get rid of somebody you've coached for 10 years?

BC "It is because he's not just been a good player, he's a good person. He's been a good leader in the locker room. His leadership will be missed, there's no question about that. I have a lot of respect for Jason that goes beyond what happens on the football field. I've watched him grow as a person. I think that's the tough thing that happens with this system. People that you grow to respect, sometimes you have to move on and stay young. A lot of times this is part of that process."

Your team is getting younger. Do you expect more growing pains with that?

BC "Yeah, it's a young team, there's no question about it. Even though you look at how many starters you have coming back, the dynamics of every team change from year to year, even when you have the same players. A lot is based on their experience that they've gained. A lot of it is based on player's decline, even though you hope they can have a productive year. There are some young players we're counting on, not just rookies, but young veterans who are coming into roles they need to step in and prove that they're good consistent football players."

Bill, have you spoken to Jason and does he understand why this is happening?

BC "We haven't talked recently. The last time we talked I told him we would try to trade him and if we were not able to do that, we weren't going to bring him back. There's a lot you can say. I thank him for all he's done for this organization and wish him nothing but the best as a player and a person. Life takes funny turns. But the one thing you can never take away are the memories that you will always have. You've go to cherish that."

There's always the chance to that he'll be with another team, possibly even somebody else in the division.

BC "Oh yeah. That's part of free agency. You find that throughout the league. Players who spend a number of years with one football team may finish up with another team. It's because of the cap. We have to make room."

You now have some room under the cap. Will you look at any free agents who were June 1 cuts?

BC "We're certainly going to take a look at it an talk to anyone we feel can upgrade our team."

This is pretty much the team you'll take to training camp. Is it as likely as any to turn things around?

BC  "I think so. A lot of questions need to be answered. But we're going to take our time and get through training camp and get ready for Oakland. If we get some key guys come through with big year. There's a very fine line, as I've said. You had nine out of 12 teams last year weren't in the playoffs the year before."

Any update on Plaxico?

BC "There's no further update."

Kevin Colbert
What are you going to do with all of this extra cap money?

KC: With the salary cap, you always have to do things and stay in compliance. You have to look at things an see if you can try and keep the team that you have intact."

Will the savings on Gildon mostly be spent on the rookies?

KC: You have to account for those top 53 guys, so we account for the rookies as those deals are signed. That room will be used as we move forward with picks"

Will you have to create more room if you want to extend any contracts?

KC:  "No."

Are you working on any of that stuff now, or is that something you're going to work on coming up?

KC:  "This is the time of year - and we usually don't comment on specific negotiations - when we do look at the players who are going to be free agents after the season."

With Jason's release, where do you stand in relationship to the cap?

KC:  " We don't have to do anything further. We can moved ahead and get the draft picks signed. We really don't anticipate a lot of moves other than signing our own guys to new contracts."

In terms of free agency, who will be out there?

KC:  "I think the June 1 list is probably over-rated in this era of the salary cap. A lot of those cuts were made in March. There's a few names out there, but you don't really anticipate a lot of help coming off waivers this time of year."

You're a little thin at outside linebacker. You could probably use a player there.

KC:  "It's pretty much the same depth we had last year. In terms of experience, probably not.

Have you received or will you entertain trade offers for Plaxico?

KC:  "No. What's the word? There's no further update. Really, there's nothing going on."

How's next year's crop of receivers look?

KC: "That's enough (with a laugh)."

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