Transcript: Brian St. Pierre

<b>PITTSBURGH --</b> Tommy Maddox is the starter, Charlie Batch is the veteran back-up and first-round draft pick Ben Roethlisberger is the future. So where does that leave Brian St. Pierre? Last year's fifth-round draft pick gave us his thoughts on that question and several others.


What's your approach to winning a job as you head into training camp?
I'm just going in as a Steeler right now and I'm fighting for a roster spot. That's the way I look at it. I understand they just re-did Tommy's contract. Obviously, with Ben, those are two guys who are going to be there, so obviously somebody's going. I don't want to be that guy so I'm going in fighting for a job.

Will your increased knowledge of the offense, combined with your hunger for a job, add up to you having a good camp?
Hopefully. That's the thought process going in. I mean, I do feel a lot more comfortable going in but you've got to have the opportunities in camp, too. I've talked to the coaches about that and they've assured me I'm going to get a chance to compete. That's all I can ask for -- a chance to compete, a fair shot. That's all I can do and I'll just let my production speak for itself.

What do you recall about your solid showing against Dallas in preseason last year?
It was the first time I wasn't put into a two-minute catch-up type of situation. The Philadelphia and Detroit games were the first times I ever ran the two-minute drill. I'd never even practiced it, so I was kind of learning on the fly in a game situation. I started feeling more comfortable towards the end of camp and then I ended up going through a whole season of not doing the offense at all, so I'm kind of starting over from Day One when you come back to these, but I feel so much more better each day. It's just a comfort level. Now when you go in the huddle you know guy's names, you can put a name with a face and you have the respect of the guys. They know you belong in there and they know you know what you're talking about.

Does it help that you're not the rookie now?
Yeah. There's another rookie but things are different for him than they were for me.

Still, you're not the rookie anymore.
No, I'm not the rookie anymore. I've been there and guys look at me like I've been there so that is a much better feeling than last year.

Have the mathematics of your situation translated into, say, working out harder?
I've always been hungry and I've always worked out hard. Even though I'm a quarterback I like to work out hard in the weight room and run with all the guys. I've always been like that. I was here for the off-season workouts and I've always considered that to be very important and I've always taken them very seriously. As far as my mental approach, and me being hungry, there's a lot more on the line this year. There's no comfort level that I'm going to be here. This is my livelihood and so I'm fighting for a job.

Could that tension hurt you? Or does the increased knowledge of the offense balance that?
That's the thing about being a professional athlete, especially a quarterback. If you have a strong body, you'd better have a strong mind or you're not going to last in this league and any quarterback will tell you that. So those are the battles I'm going to be waging every day, along with the physical battles of going out every day and competing. I love being in a competitive situation. If it's truly going to be competitive, I look forward to it.

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