Transcript: Keydrick Vincent

<b>PITTSBURGH --</b> Keydrick Vincent has a complex personality, but don't all offensive linemen? <br><br> The back-up to Alan Faneca at left guard, Vincent can be enthusiastic and outgoing, or he can be downright nasty. Let's see what we get today.


Got a minute, Keydrick?
Man, what's with you guys and those shorts?

What do you mean?
First him, now you.

Aw, don't compare me to DiPaola. You're killing me.
It looks like he shaves his legs.

Can you do an interview? Nothing serious. Just some fun.

How are things looking for you?
Oh, I'm fine. I'm just doing my job.

You don't have to fight for a job this year, do you?
Oh yes I do. That's every year for me.

You're fighting your way up, not for a spot, right?
You never know. You can't go into things thinking like that. You tried to catch me, didn't you? Damn reporters.

What do you think about the team?
We've got a lot of young guys. It's different but come training camp I think we'll put everything together and we're going to surprise a lot of people.

You are a 6-10 team, so if you do well that would surprise, wouldn't it?
Our record was 6-10 but we're not really a 6-10 team. We just didn't get a lot of breaks last year. That's the nature of this business. You know that.

It was the injuries to the offensive line, wasn't it?
You can't blame everything on the O-line. I mean, the weather plays a big part in that too. Some games it was slippery. It was a lot of things. If you just want to point the finger, let's go with injuries on the O-line. I mean, that's what a lot of people do.

Some games are slippery?
Or whatever.

What's your reaction when you people say it was the O-line's fault?
It's funny to me because they really don't understand. It's a lot of things that factor into a team winning football games. You can't just single out one unit. You just can't do that and it's just funny to me because they really don't understand.

Well, that's what we in the media do is point fingers. What was the attitude like amongst the team? Was there any finger-pointing?
There wasn't any finger-pointing because once we watched the film we knew we were this close to being 10-6. That's just the NFL. Everybody was still busting their ass but we didn't get a lot of breaks. Some years are like that. There's a very fine line.

What's your feel? What kind of vibe are you getting?
Actually I won't know until training camp. Right now, everybody's playing fast but when you put the pads on you see how a lot of young guys react. A guy can look like Tarzan in the weight room, but when he gets on the field he might be Jane. So those are questions you can't answer.

What about this fight you were in on the field yesterday?
I thought someone was playing dirty and after I watched the film it was just a mistake. I've kind of got a quick temper. I'm the nicest guy you ever want to meet but I have a temper problem sometimes. I just blew a fuse, but it was nothing major. When will you go off in one of these interviews?
Oh, no. That won't happen. You know me by now.

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