NFL preseason schedule

The dates and kickoff times for a 65-game NFL preseason schedule were announced today, beginning with the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game between the Denver Broncos and Washington Redskins in Canton, Ohio on Monday night, August 9.

The Hall of Fame Game – televised live at 8:00 PM ET on ABC – is the first of 11 national preseason telecasts carried by NFL broadcast partners ABC, CBS, FOX and ESPN. 

With NFL Network airing 54 games either live or on tape delay, every snap of every NFL preseason game will be available to fans this summer for the first time ever. 

The 2004 preseason schedule was announced in March, without dates and times, which now have been determined.


The complete 2004 NFL preseason schedule:

Monday, August 9 (Hall of Fame Game) National TV Local  Eastern
Denver vs Washington (Canton, OH) ABC 7:00p (CT) 8:00p
WEEK 1 – AUGUST 12 – 16
Thursday, August 12
Atlanta at Baltimore   ESPN 8:00p (ET) 8:00p
Chicago at St. Louis    7:00p (CT) 8:00p
Friday, August 13
Kansas City at New York Giants 8:00p (ET) 8:00p
New York Jets at New Orleans 7:00p (CT) 8:00p
Philadelphia at New England 8:00p (ET) 8:00p
Saturday, August 14
Cincinnati at Tampa Bay 7:00p (ET) 7:00p
Jacksonville at Miami       7:30p (ET) 7:30p
Pittsburgh at Detroit  7:30p (ET) 7:30p
Arizona at Minnesota  7:00p (CT)  8:00p
Carolina at Washington 8:00p (ET) 8:00p
Cleveland at Tennessee 7:00p (CT) 8:00p
Dallas at Houston 7:00p (CT) 8:00p
Oakland at San Francisco 5:00p (PT) 8:00p
Indianapolis at San Diego 7:00p (PT) 10:00p
Sunday, August 15
Denver at Buffalo NFLNet 7:00p (ET) 7:00p
Monday, August 16
Seattle at Green Bay ESPN 7:00p (CT) 8:00p
WEEK 2 – AUGUST 19-23
Thursday, August 19
New York Giants at Carolina FOX 8:00p (ET) 8:00p
Friday, August 20
Baltimore at Philadelphia CBS 8:00p (ET) 8:00p
Minnesota at Atlanta 7:30p (ET) 7:30p
Tampa Bay at Jacksonville 7:30p (ET) 7:30p
Saturday, August 21
Detroit at Cleveland  NFLNet 4:30p (ET) 4:30p
New York Jets at Indianapolis ESPN 7:00p (EST) 8:00p
Tennessee at Buffalo  7:00p (ET) 7:00p
Houston at Pittsburgh 7:30p (ET) 7:30p
New England at Cincinnati   7:30p (ET) 7:30p
Washington at Miami 7:30p (ET) 7:30p
New Orleans at Green Bay 7:00p (CT) 8:00p
San Francisco at Chicago 7:30p (CT) 8:30p
Dallas at Oakland 6:00p (PT) 9:00p
Denver at Seattle 7:00p (PT) 10:00p
San Diego at Arizona 7:00p (MST) 10:00p
Monday, August 23
St. Louis at Kansas City ABC 7:00p (CT) 8:00p
WEEK 3 – AUGUST 26-30
Thursday, August 26
Pittsburgh at Philadelphia ESPN 8:00p (ET)  8:00p
Friday, August 27
Washington at St. Louis FOX 7:00p (CT) 8:00p
New York Giants at New York Jets 7:00p (ET) 7:00p
Green Bay at Jacksonville 8:00p (ET) 8:00p
San Francisco at Minnesota  7:00p (CT) 8:00p
New Orleans at Chicago 7:30p (CT) 8:30p
Houston at Denver 7:00p (MT) 9:00p
Seattle at San Diego 7:00p (PT) 10:00p
Saturday, August 28
New England at Carolina CBS 8:00p (ET) 8:00p
Miami at Tampa Bay  7:00p (ET) 7:00p
Cincinnati at Atlanta  7:30p (ET)  7:30p
Buffalo at Indianapolis 7:00p (EST) 8:00p
Cleveland at Kansas City 7:00p (CT) 8:00p
Detroit at Baltimore 8:00p (ET) 8:00p
Oakland at Arizona   7:00p (MST) 10:00p
Monday, August 30
Tennessee at Dallas ABC 7:00p (CT) 8:00p
Thursday, September 2
Jacksonville at New England NFLNet 6:45p (ET )  6:45p
Baltimore at New York Giants 7:00p (ET) 7:00p
Carolina at Pittsburgh    7:00p (ET) 7:00p
Buffalo at Detroit        8:00p (ET)  8:00p
Kansas City at Dallas 7:00p (CT) 8:00p
Tampa Bay at Houston  7:00p (CT) 8:00p
Arizona at Denver  7:00p (MT)  9:00p
Minnesota at Seattle   6:00p (PT) 9:00p
St. Louis at Oakland     7:00p (PT) 10:00p
San Diego at San Francisco 8:00p (PT) 11:00p
Friday, September 3
Atlanta at Washington       7:00p (ET)   7:00p
Philadelphia at New York Jets 7:00p (ET) 7:00p
Indianapolis at Cincinnati  7:30p (ET) 7:30p
Chicago at Cleveland    8:00p (ET)  8:00p
Green Bay at Tennessee  7:00p (CT) 8:00p
Miami at New Orleans      8:00p (ET) 8:00p


Buffalo       Miami New England    NY Jets
Denver (NFLNet)    Jacksonville Philadelphia  at New Orleans
Tennessee Washington at Cincinnati at Indianapolis (ESPN)
at Indianapolis at Tampa Bay at Carolina (CBS)  NY Giants
at Detroit at New Orleans Jacksonville (NFLNet) Philadelphia
Baltimore Cincinnati Cleveland Pittsburgh
Atlanta (ESPN) at Tampa Bay at Tennessee at Detroit
at Philadelphia (CBS) New England Detroit (NFLNet) Houston
Detroit at Atlanta at Kansas City at Philadelphia (ESPN)
at NY Giants Indianapolis Chicago Carolina
Houston Indianapolis Jacksonville Tennessee
Dallas at San Diego at Miami Cleveland
at Pittsburgh NY Jets (ESPN) Tampa Bay at Buffalo
at Denver Buffalo Green Bay at Dallas (ABC)
Tampa Bay  at Cincinnati at New England (NFLNet) Green Bay
Denver     Kansas City    Oakland   San Diego
vs Washington (ABC)  at NY Giants  at San Francisco  Indianapolis
at Buffalo (NFLNet) St. Louis (ABC) Dallas at Arizona
at Seattle Cleveland at Arizona  Seattle
Houston  at Dallas St. Louis at San Francisco
Dallas    NY Giants Philadelphia Washington
at Houston Kansas City at New England vs Denver (ABC)
at Oakland at Carolina (FOX) Baltimore (CBS) Carolina
Tennessee (ABC) at NY Jets Pittsburgh (ESPN) at Miami
Kansas City Baltimore at New York Jets at St. Louis (FOX)
Chicago Detroit Green Bay   Minnesota
at St. Louis  Pittsburgh Seattle (ESPN)  Arizona
San Francisco at Cleveland (NFLNet) New Orleans at Atlanta
New Orleans at Baltimore at Jacksonville San Francisco
at Cleveland Buffalo  at Tennessee at Seattle
Atlanta    Carolina New Orleans    Tampa Bay
at Baltimore (ESPN) at Washington  NY Jets Cincinnati
Minnesota NY Giants (FOX)  at Green Bay  at Jacksonville
Cincinnati New England (CBS ) at Chicago Miami
at Washington at Pittsburgh Miami at Houston
Arizona  St. Louis  San Francisco Seattle
at Minnesota Chicago Oakland at Green Bay (ESPN)
San Diego at Kansas City (ABC) at Chicago  Denver
Oakland  Washington (FOX) at Minnesota  at San Diego
at Denver at Oakland San Diego Minnesota

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