Ten questions with Kevin Greene

<b>LATROBE --</b> Kevin Greene has been retired for five years since ending his 15-year NFL career as the league's third all-time leading quarterback sacker. He finished with 160 sacks, 776 tackles and 26 fumble recoveries. <br><br>Greene spent three of those years (1993-95) with the Steelers and is back at St. Vincent College as a volunteer linebackers coach. After Monday's morning practice, he fielded 10 simple questions:

What's the deal with your role here?
Coach Cowher's letting me have fun. I think the coaches respect what I was able to accomplish in 15 years. They also realize I don't want to coach.

Why don't you want to coach?
I have a wonderful life. I'm raising my seven-year-old son, my five-year-old little girl. I'm enjoying my time right now. At this point in my life I don't want to be a full-time coach. The coaches are aware of that, but I think they're also aware that I have something to give with the numbers that I have, the sacks that I have, and whatnot. Coach Cowher's letting me come and whet my whistle and have fun and impart some information on A.J. and Joey and Clark and some of the outside backers, how to play the run at the point of attack, how to cover people in curl, flat or buzz drop, how to rush the passer, things I did when I was a player. I'm just having fun.

Was coaching in any kind of capacity the furthest thing from your mind as a player?
Well, I guess as a player, yeah, probably so. But now, I'm five years into my retirement and a part of me -- I still have a passion for the game - and a part of me misses the fire and intensity. Part of me misses the thunder and lightning. Nevertheless, I'm tracking and I'm living my life the way I want to live, which is being a stay-at-home dad and having fun, loving life, and here I have the opportunity to feel the thunder and lightning again and impart some wisdom.

What was the key to your success as a player?
Passion. I just had a heart bigger than most people's hearts, and just love, sheer passion, excitement and sheer exuberance for the game. I wasn't the fastest guy; I wasn't the smartest guy; I wasn't the strongest guy, but I love the game.

Do you see any of that here?
I see a little bit. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I can look in A.J.'s eyes, just being around for a couple days, and see it in his eyes, and he's always asking me questions. He's like a sponge. He's absorbing everything I'm throwing down, wanting to know more. Same with Joey. We were just sitting around talking pass rush and explaining how things worked for me. I'm just trying to get these young fellows just to try. If it doesn't work, that's fine with me. But, hey, just give it a valid effort and see if some of this may work for you. It was able to work for me 15 years; just give it a shot.

What was your fondest memory in football?
Just having an opportunity to play in the league for 15 years. I mean, I was blessed to have a lot of big games and a lot of big plays and cause fumbles, and sacking Joe Montana and Dan Marino and John Elway and Phil Simms and Troy Aikman, and playing against Marcus Allen and Walter Payton. You can go on and on and on. They all grouped together into one fond memory.

Any interesting tales behind that pro wrestling jaunt you took during Super Bowl week?
Not really. We just had a day off there in Arizona and Hulk Hogan flew me outside of Las Vegas with Levon Kirkland and Ariel Solomon, about four or five of us. They flew us in a Lear jet and we made a quick little appearance on Tuesday and we were back in an hour. I didn't wrestle until after the season.

What's your honest view of the media?
Since I'm up for Canton right now, the media is wonderful. I love the media. I've always loved the media.

What are your thoughts on making the Hall of Fame?
Like anybody else who's up for the Hall of Fame, you keep your fingers crossed. Your cards are already on the table. I just say look at my cards. Just look at what I was able to do: fumble recoveries, caused fumbles, safeties, tackles, sacks, interceptions. My cards are there. Just see if they match up with the Hall of Famers in there. That's all I'm saying. Hey, I'll live with where the chips fall on that one.

If you go in, what will you go in as? A Ram, Steeler, 49er or Panther?
That's too smooth of a question.

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