Q & A with RB Jerome Bettis

<B>GVB: </B>Jerome, another training camp, First of all, how are you feeling physically? <BR><BR> <B>BETTIS: </B>Feel good. Feel good. Excited, ready to go to work.

GVB: You mentioned getting ready to go work. It is the twelfth season-a lot of wear and tear on the body, but you've still got that spirit.

BETTIS: I feel good, so there's nothing that's precluding me from going out and doing what I do. So, you know, I'm here.

GVB: Closing in on some milestones: Dorsett's next. I know you don't like to think about milestones; you're concerned more about W's, but that is pretty special.

BETTIS: Yeah, it's pretty special, you know, being that I'm in Western Pennsylvania. And Mr. Dorsett is from this part of the country. So, you know, that definitely would be an honor if I would get there but that's not something I'm really thinking about or even worried about.

GVB: A lot of people had written off Jerome Bettis the past couple years but you keep bouncing back. And an interesting challenge in this camp with Duce Staley in here for carries, but you've met every challenge in the past.

BETTIS: Yeah, I mean that's just who I am. I mean people have a tendency to always say, "Yeah he's good, but". There's always a "but". You know, they're quick to think that I can't get the job done anymore. But, you know, I keep proving everybody wrong. And so I'm just going to keep going out there with that same mindset.

GVB: What about this ball club. Is the window of opportunity still there for that team?

BETTIS: It's still here. It's closing and we have to take advantage of it. We've got some young guys, but if we can get the young guys to play well then I think that window can open back up. And so it'll give us a longer period of time to accomplish some great things. Because we've got a good nucleus, but we've got some great young players.

GVB: Big key: injuries. Injuries sort of decimated the offensive line last year and that just really gummed the works up.

BETTIS: Yeah, you know with any football team if you have the injuries it's going to be difficult for you to win. So, you know, we had our share of them last year, hopefully that was all of them. We got them all out of our system last year.

GVB: Jerome, I appreciate it.

BETTIS: No problem.

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