It was just the Texans, but …

<b>PITTSBURGH - </b> OK, I'm going to say it here and I'm going to loud enough so they can hear me down in Texans. <br><br> The Texans stink. They're horrible . awful . replete with stinkiocity.

Don't get too fired up over that 38-3 drubbing of the Texans Saturday night. That's not a good football team. And it was also one trying to run Tony Hollings into the middle of the Steelers' defensive line.
  • All right, now that we've gotten that out of the way, let me also say this: The Steelers will win the AFC North this season with a 9-7 record.

    There, I said it.

  • Not that the Steelers are anything great, mind you. But I watched Baltimore Friday night and then watched the Steelers Saturday. The differences between the two?

    The Steelers have two quarterbacks and the Ravens have none. And the Steelers have three star-quality receivers and the Ravens have one.

    Having a bad quarterback is one thing. Having a bad quarterback with no receivers is a deathnell for an offense. And history shows that running backs coming off the kind of workload Jamal Lewis had last season don't follow that up with a similar effort.

    As for Cincinnati, Carson Palmer is beginning his first season as a starter and the team traded for Deltha O'Neal with the feeling he'd be the answer in its secondary. That's the same Deltha O'Neal Denver tried to convert to wide receiver last season.

  • Keydrick Vincent was quite all right Saturday night, thank you very much.

  • There's no way Jeff Hartings and his achy knees could play guard anyway. Besides, the next move for the Steelers if Vincent can't play is to put Todd Fordham at right guard.

  • Before you go crazy thinking about a right side of the line that includes both Forham and Oliver Ross, realize that Ross was outstanding against Houston.

  • Does this mean Ross has turned the corner? We'll find out at Philadelphia Thursday.

  • Every time you want to write Jerome Bettis off, San Diego or Oakland or Houston or some other sorry defense rolls into town.

  • Poor Zamir Cobb. Here he was, set to make this team and then he breaks his ankle. On the plus side for the Steelers is they won't have to make a tough decision about who to cut.

  • Lee Mays can breath a sigh of relief.

  • Larry Foote did a nice Kendrell Bell impersonation.

    That's Kendrell Bell circa 2003, not 2001.

  • On Houston's first offensive play of the game, Troy Polamalu eased up to the line of scrimmage just as the ball was snapped and shot down the line of scrimmage like a rocket, helping Foote clean up Hollings in the backfield.

    Man can Polamalu close.

    There was another play where Chad Scott was beaten by Jabar Gaffney and Polamalu, who had been in the middle of the field, read the QB's eyes and closed on the play like a maniac, breaking up the pass.

    Did I mention Polamalu can close?

  • I wouldn't want to be the guy deciding which running back to cut from this team.

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