Steelers WR Hines Ward thoughts on the Ravens

<b> Hines Ward</b><br> <i> Is there a way you guys can exploit Deion Sanders' lack of tackling? That's pretty legendary now.</i><br> We're not going to change our game plan for Deion.

We're going to go out and establish our run game like we've been doing. When we do get an opportunity to pass it down the field, we've got to take advantage of it. We're not going to change our game plan to do something towards Deion. He's a great athlete, but we want to control what we can control.

Is the key to this game making them 0-2 in this division?
Yeah. We're out to win our division so us going down to Baltimore and them having lost to Cleveland, if they lose to us, that's a big thing in the tiebreaker. For them to go down 0-2, they're digging themselves a hole. So this is an important game for both teams. For us, it's our first division game and we want to get off to a fast start.

Is it a big deal playing the Ravens because they are defending division champs and they won the Super Bowl a couple of years ago and they took away your division championship?
That and they're cocky. They walk around with a swagger. It's just two confident teams that there's no love lost there. It's pure hatred out there. We're going to go out and play hard and it's going to be a physical ballgame. Ever since I've been here in Pittsburgh, playing Baltimore's always been a physical game. The players know that and that's how we're going to approach this week. It's going to be a physical battle and that's what we've got to prepare for.

Nobody attracts attention to himself more than Ray Lewis. When he's out there going through his histrionics, does it bother you?
No. It doesn't bother me. He's one of the dominant linebackers in the game, so he's going to go out there and whoop and holler. He's going to do his little dance to get the crowd behind them. The best way to shut them up is hit them in the mouth and score early and take the crowd out of it. If we can do that, we stand a good chance.

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