Roethlisberger could be back Friday

<b>PITTSBURGH --</b> Ben Roethlisberger was carted off the practice field Wednesday with what the Steelers are calling a bone contusion on his right knee. <br><br> On Thursday, Roethlisberger returned to face a battery of reporters who were hoping to over hype, for a second day, the story of a minor injury.

How did it happen?
A player kind of rolled into my knee and knocked me down a little bit.

Ever experience anything like this before?
Everybody gets bumps and bruises playing football.

Is that all it is, a bump and bruise?

Are you hoping to practice Friday?
Oh, definitely. We're going to re-hab as hard as we can. We're working on it every day, every free minute I get, so hopefully we'll get out and see what I can do tomorrow.

Were you scared when it happened?
Oh, yeah, without question. Luckily it wasn't as serious as we thought.

Have you ever had a serious knee injury before?
No. That's why I was scared.

Did you ever miss time at Miami because of injury?
No. I've never missed a game.

When you went down could you tell right away it was a bruise or did you think it was something more serious?
No. I'm not a doctor. I just know it hurt real bad. I was a little scared but I went over and got X-rayed and it came out pretty good.

Did you hear a pop?

What is it? A bone bruise?
I don't know. The doctors are taking care of that so you'd have to ask them. That's what I heard though. They just tell me the basics.

How do you feel?

Did you have a long night?
I woke up this morning pretty stiff.

Did you do a ton of ice last night?
Yeah, a bunch of ice and keep it moving. I didn't want it to get too stiff.

Are you holding out hope of playing Sunday?

Yeah. I'm going to do everything I can to be ready to go (Friday), if not (Friday) then I'll be ready Saturday. If not Saturday then Sunday.

What kind of re-hab are you doing?
I'm doing stuff with Norwig. I'm riding the bike a little bit today and I'm trying to do some step up stuff, just slowly and gradually while I'm icing it.

Do you have to worry about fluid on it?
Nah, I hope not. We'll see what happens.

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