Q&A With Steelers DE Travis Kirschke

<b>GVB:</b> So far so good. First step: beating the Raiders. You have to be pleased with how the defense played in that ballgame. <br><br> <b>Kirschke:</b> Yeah, I think we're very pleased. I think it was a good start, but it's just a start and we have to continue and grow from that game and there was plenty to learn from; not everyone was perfect, so we'll learn from that and move on.

GVB: You and Keisel and some of the other backups on the defensive line have been getting a lot of play. They're not afraid to get you guys in there. You guys have formed a pretty nice second unit.

Kirschke: It's important, I think, in these days to have a pretty good rotation, to keep the first string very strong and healthy throughout the whole game so you can keep after them for the full game.

GVB: Looking at what Cleveland did in the first game to stop Lewis, they went to a four-four. You guys of course run a three-man front. Has there been any thought to going to a four-man front to negate Lewis a little bit? If they did, you would probably be the guy. Have you given it any thought?

Kirschke: I think we'll just stick to our gameplan to do the things we need to do. I don't think we'll go to that to stop him. I think that if we just play fundamentally-sound football and do the things we've got to do, we'll be ok.

GVB: I think you're getting a sense of what this rivalry's all about this week, aren't you?

Kirschke: You can definitely tell. There's an excitement around the locker room and just amongst the coaches. It'll be fun.

GVB: What is the key, as you see it, in this game against Baltimore?

Kirschke: I'd say the keys to victory are just to play smart and play our football. Don't get too caught up in the hype of it all and just do the things that we've got to do.

GVB: Travis, I really appreciate it.

Kirschke: All right, thank you.

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