Q&A With Steelers OG Alan Faneca

<b>GVB: </b> Alan, first of all, an update on the hand, and how much is it going to hamper you? <br><br> <b>Faneca: </b> We'll see today. I'll go out there and hit on a few guys with it and see what happens. But it'll be fine, I'll find a way around it.

GVB: You got it wrapped up; that's a pretty nice club!

Faneca: Yeah, it's a pretty nice club, so we'll see if we can stay with it.

GVB: Rivalry week with Baltimore-always special.

Faneca: Yeah, big game, big game. The former Cleveland Browns have always been a big game, a big rivalry. Lots of emotion, and I wouldn't expect anything less this week.

GVB: Talking with some of the guys after the last ballgame, a good first start against Oakland, but some of the guys felt that the offensive line could be even more effective.

Faneca: Oh, we can. We left a lot on the field. A lot of yards, a lot of points, I think. If we can improve on that and get some more yards and some more points on the board, I think we'll be moving in the right direction.

GVB: With the increased emphasis on the running game, I know offensive lineman like run-blocking. You guys like that?

Faneca: Oh yeah, it's always good to get in there and pound on them and try to wear them down.

GVB: What are the keys, as you see it, against Baltimore?

Faneca: It's just being physical, going in there and handling the noise, converting third downs, really. We need to stay on the field to quiet the crowd, and converting third downs means we're moving it down the field and scoring.

GVB: Thanks a lot, Alan. I appreciate it.

Faneca: Thank you.

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