One on One with Steelers NT Casey Hampton

<b>GVB: </b>Casey, nice win for the club under adverse conditions down in Miami. You have to be pleased with the overall play of the team.

Hampton: I think we came into it really focused considering the situation and circumstances it was in. Everyone went out there with a mission and we helped ourselves out.

GVB: The defense is really popping some people, too. That's something that really showed up-there were some hits.

Hampton: It was a big-hitting game. We knew going in that we had to operate our defense and that they had a really good defense and that's what we wanted to go out there and try to do.

GVB: You're going to be facing a young quarterback this week. Dick LeBeau, I'm sure, has lots of tricks up his sleeve, disguises, but it all boils down to what you guys do in the trenches and if you can bring some pressure.

Hampton: Obviously that's what it's going to boil down to. We gotta stop the run and try to make them one-dimensional and make them pass the ball, and then we're going to bring it at them and see if he can read the defenses and stuff like that and we'll see what happens.

GVB: This defense really seems to have that aggressiveness back, that Steeler-style defense. A lot of it has to do with Coach LeBeau's attitude, I think.

Hampton: No question. He's telling us to go after people the whole time he's been here. He hasn't let us down with that since he's been here. Every game we're blitzing, we're coming.

GVB: You mentioned stopping the run. They've got a pretty good running back in Rudi Johnson, but they're a little nicked up coming in here. You guys have been through that yourselves.

Hampton: They're going to go out there and try to pound it-that's they're game. Rudi, you've gotta gang-tackle him and to bring him down is going to be a tough challenge. We'll go out there and see what we can do.

GVB: Casey, I appreciate it. Thank you.

Hampton: All right.

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