One on One with Steelers CB Deshea Townsend

<b>GVB: </b>Deshea, nice win for the club down in Miami in adverse conditions. You had to feel good about the way the team played.

Townsend: Oh yeah. We did enough to win. Any time you come out on the positive side on the scoreboard, that's what you want.

GVB: From the defensive standpoint, it looked like the old Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Steeler football. There were some hits in that game.

Townsend: Yeah, there were a lot of bit hits. Those games are always fun to play, in the rain. We have to look forward to Cincinnati this week.

GVB: That aggressiveness is really back in the Steeler defense. I think you can see it from week to week. A lot of things are starting to show through: more and more aggressive each week.

Townsend: We just have to find a way to get better. Anything we can do. It starts in practice-we have to implement the plan that Coach LeBeau puts in. The main thing is to go out there and practice it and see how sound we can make it.

GVB: Young quarterback this week. A talented quarterback, but that's some things to maybe play with his mind.

Townsend: Of course, but he has some great tools to throw to with Warrick and Chad Johnson, Rudi Johnson running the ball, he has some good things behind him to help protect him some, so it's going to be a tough time for us.

GVB: From a defensive back's standpoint this is the kind of game you circle on the calendar, going up against Johnson and Houshmandzadeh and some of those people-good receivers.

Townsend: Very good receivers. It's going to be a very big challenge for us. We're going to have to make sure we give them no deep balls, make them earn everything they catch, and just go out and compete and make sure they earn everything they catch.

GVB: Deshea, I appreciate it.

Townsend: Thank you.

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