Offensive quotebook

<b>DAN KREIDER</b><br> That's what you have to do when you want to run the ball. We ran at them, were physical and the offensive line did a great job with their line stunts. The holes were there and Duce ran hard. He was breaking tackles and making them miss. He had a great day. All the backs had great days. There was a lot of grass out there today.

We had a good little package of shifts and motions that we thought might help us as far as making those guys adjust their blitz package and dog package. It ended up being a good little package. We had some nice runs.

The offensive line did a good job and Duce ran well. We just can't put it on the ground.

Was he injured?
He got donked after long run.

What did you say to him after the fumbles?
You can't say too much to him because you don't want him thinking about fumbling because he's not a fumbler. So you just work with him on keeping the ball in, not waving the ball out when he's struggling for extra yards. That's what happened. Some of those guys just popped it out.

Thought process on play-calling against weak defense with rookie quarterback?
The reason we had some shots in the passing game is because we established the run. What you've got to be careful about doing is becoming too predictable, like running every time on first down. You've got to be willing to take a shot, which we did.

Couldn't you have run all day with rookie QB?
But he has a good feel and we got hot there for a little while when he was making some good throws, so you've still got to be able to do that because we have some very good receivers.

Got to make sure I cover up and I didn't do it. It's something I definitely have to be aware of.

Holding it out there?
I don't remember the plays. I just know I fumbled. That's something I'm definitely not accustomed to and something I'll definitely get better at.

Love all the carries?
Definitely. We want to continue to run the ball. That's going to be our identity.

It was key for coach to come back out and show confidence in me. He gave me the ball back-to-back. That means a lot to me, and it means a lot to a running back after having two big fumbles. It definitely showed a lot of character on his part.

I got hit in the head. It took me a little while to get back.

Dance in the end zone. Know you were coming out for Jerome?
I'm just working. That's all I'm doing. We talked about it in the beginning and if I get it down there that means Jerome's going to eat like a fat rat, so I have no problems with that. He made sure once we got down there he punched it in. That's how it's going to be.

Are you going to put Jerome on your fantasy team?
I need to.

Important to get run game going early?
Oh, it was imperative. If I didn't put the ball on the ground those two times, I could've had a little more yards. We took advantage of a look and a scheme. That's what film is for. We're lucky to get out of here with a win.

Big holes?
Definitely. It's been like that the last two weeks. I don't have any excuses but once I get used to the offense and once we jell things will get better.

Second 100-yard game. What might we expect once you get used to the offense?
Well, I'm not looking down the road but I'm definitely licking my chops every week knowing I'm going to get the ball. I'm just thankful to be in a situation where I can be productive.

Get cautious?
No I didn't get cautious. You'd think the coach would, and he didn't, so there's no need for me.

What does it mean for them to keep you in there?
It means a lot. It means he definitely has confidence in me as a player, as a person, and it means that he knows what I bring to the table. So with those two things lurking in the back of his head, along with the fumbles, he's got to make a decision. He made one. He continued to give me the ball. Thanks guys.

We have weapons to pass the ball all day but that's not going to get us anywhere. The year we went 13-3 we were balanced. Today was a great example of how balanced we can be.

When he took us on that last drive, he showed a lot of poise in that huddle. You have to tip your hat to the kid. He's only going to continue to get better.

No panic when fell behind?
No, there was no panic.

Receivers blocking more aggressively today?
You see one guy doing it, everybody wants to get involved. Hey, we're not going to throw the ball 40-50 times a game like we did last year. For us to contribute we have to block downfield. Plax threw some big blocks; I threw some big blocks. Duce had some big holes and got over 100 yards.

Getting back to old-school Steelers football?
We're getting there. We could pass the ball 50 times. We have the weapons to do that. But for us to get to where we want to go we have to be balanced. The year we went 13-3 we were balanced and we've got to continue doing that. Today was a great example of it. It was a great team victory today.

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