One on One with Steelers OC Jeff Hartings

<b>GVB: </b>The talk all week, trying to string a couple together and get something going…this has to feel good. <br><br> <b>Hartings: </b>Oh, of course. I just think you approach every week to win the game, you know, and hopefully what that results in is a lot of wins in a row, not just two.

That's the way I approach things; I don't think about stringing anything together. I just think about this week. Now we're thinking about winning against the Browns.

GVB: It was interesting, the way the running game responded. A couple of fumbles lost but when you guys needed to respond, you did.

Hartings: Yeah, you know, Duce kept saying "I let you guys down," and that's not true at all. We're in this together and there's times we get holding penalties and we don't block somebody, Duce gets hit hard. He runs the ball hard and all we have to do is keep going and he's gonna have his share of big runs and he's a running back-he's gonna have fumbles occasionally.

GVB: Critique the quarterback a little bit. He did what he had to do to win.

Hartings: Absolutely. I don't have anything to criticize, really. He did a great job again.

GVB: The defense responded when it needed to again. That had to make you guys feel good.

Hartings: Yeah, it really did. I'm sure they're a little disappointed about that first drive in the second half and we didn't come back the way we should, we made mistakes again. They say it all the time but I think today truly was a case of they weren't gonna stop us. We fumbled the ball and we had penalties, and that's what really stopped us.

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