One on One with Steelers LB James Farrior

<b>GVB: </b>It has to feel good stringing two in a row together. Nice victory today. <br><br> <b>Farrior: </b>Yeah, I can't remember the last time we had two in a row, but it sure feels good and now we've got to make it three in a row.

GVB: The defense responded when you had to.

Farrior: Yeah, we made some big plays at the end when we needed to. Our offense did a great job of keeping us in it the whole game. We kind of let it get away on defense and they kept us in it, and we made a play at the end.

GVB: Duce had a big day; he had a couple of fumbles but still had a big day.

Farrior: Duce looked good today, you know, despite making two fumbles they couldn't stop him. He had a hell of a game.

GVB: Critique the quarterback: he just does what he has to do to win.

Farrior: Yeah, just enough to win. I mean, he did what it took to win and he's a young guy and he's gonna make some mistakes, but he stays in there and he's a fighter. That's why we got him.

GVB: You had to feel good about that young secondary today and Troy getting the interception against his old roommate. That had to feel good.

Farrior: He was talking about it in the paper, I think, telling him he had to steal one or something like that, and he finally got one. He had one earlier, but he let that one go.

GVB: He actually had a couple of them earlier.

Farrior: Yeah, we dropped about three of them. Our defense needs to get on the Jugs machine every day after practice.

GVB: Thanks a lot, James.

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