One on One with Steelers RB Verron Haynes

<b>GVB: </b>Had to feel good to reach paydirt today for you. <br><br> <b>Haynes: </b>Absolutely, man. When you get the opportunity to contribute and make a play, you gotta do it. We capitalized. It just so happens that it came at a crucial time. We were behind and it put us up.

It gave us back some momentum. It was a situation where they blitzed a linebacker and dropped the end to cover me. If I don't make that play against an end, I'm in the wrong profession. I need to look for another job.

GVB: Any plans for that football?

Haynes: It's going straight to my mother. Atlanta, Georgia!

GVB: You mentioned the change in momentum. You've strung a couple of games in a row together. That's the talk all week long-you've got to get on a little bit of a roll.

Haynes: Winning is contagious. I mentioned that to the guys coming in the locker room. We've got a week of preparation, getting ready for the Cleveland Browns and the focus has got to be there. We've got to go back to playing Steelers traditional football which is hard work in practice and letting the games be a little bit easier.

GVB: The Steeler running game today-you've got a nice little committee going with Duce, even though he had a couple of fumbles, you ran hard. Jerome down near the goal line, you contribured. It looks like you've got a nice little committee going.

Haynes: That's exactly what I mentioned to Coach Cowher on the sidelines. I said we've got a running back by committee. There's no animosity or no love lost against us three. Duce gets it down to the edge, Jerome plugs it in, and I come in on third downs to help out a little bit. You know, whenever you've got a team like this, as long as we've got the win going, there's no love lost.

GVB: So much focus on the quarterback, and he's a young quarterback, but he just seems to do what needs to be done. He's not trying to do too much, I think, he just does what needs to be done to win.

Haynes: Absolutely. You got a little bit of him keeping his poise out there today. He looked really well. He didn't get rattled. He actually looks like a veteran quarterback in that huddle. He commands respect. He's very confident in his ability and his skills to get the job done. He's come a long way. He's my roommate on the road and he's making some good throws and some good reads out there.

GVB: Defense, also. They had a couple of breakdowns here and there but when they needed to respond, they responded.

Haynes: That's exactly what we're trying to establish as Steelers football. We feed off each other. When the offense isn't clicking, the defense needs to pick it up; when the defense isn't clicking, then we need to pick it up. But special teams have to stay consistent day in and day out.

GVB: Verron, I appreciate it.

Haynes: Not a problem.

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