Answer Man V

<b>JW: </b>Answer Man, let's start with an easy one first. Is this a big game? <br><b>AM: </b>Yeah, it is. It's always a big game. I don't care how bad we're playing or they're playing. In this game, everybody takes a step up. It's a rivalry game.

JW: Do you hate Cleveland?
AM: Do I hate, personally hate Cleveland? Yeah. I mean, personally, if I see a guy from Cleveland, with the Browns, yeah. But I'll tell you this much, it's starting to be Baltimore. I hate Baltimore a bit more than Cleveland. You know what I mean?
JW: I know exactly what you mean. But what's with this Cleveland team? They're kind of schizo, if you know what I mean.
AM: Offensively they've got some decent receivers. Lee Suggs is helping them out at running back. I like William Green also. I think when they beat the two teams they were running the ball well and then they used play action. The running game set up the pass. Jeff Garcia, I'm not a big fan of. He's more of a timing, short, West-Coast guy. This offense, they're trying to attack down the field. And when they put it all on him, it's not a good thing. If you watch the Baltimore game, they scored on two basically busted plays, where he was running around pump-faking. Ed Reed bit on the cheese and (Quincy) Morgan went deep and he threw it up there. Morgan still had to wait for it. And they played good defense that day. So if their defense steps up and they run the ball and play action, that's how they're going to stay in the game. Now, their defense, with (Gerard) Warren out, it's up and down. Sometimes they play well; sometimes they don't. Their offensive line is a sore spot for them. Joaquin Gonzalez is one of their tackles. He's not very good. (Russ) Verba's a left tackle but he should be a right tackle. (Jeff) Faine's pretty good inside. Their guards are average.
JW: Is Faine making progress?
AM: Yeah. He's a solid guy. He's probably as good if not better than Okobi.
JW: I've spoken with guys who really like Verba.
AM: I think Verba's a solid guy, but I think he'd be a lot better on the right. I don't think he's got the range to be on the left. Let's put it this way, he'll get you by at left tackle but he'd be a really good right tackle.
JW: Ryan Tucker's injured, but isn't he normally a good right tackle?
AM: He's alright. But nothing where you'd say let's get rid of Oliver Ross.
JW: How's Oliver doing?
AM: Fine. If you don't hear about him, he's doing the job.
JW: You like William Green?
AM: I do. Suggs is fresher now, but if you look at the Dallas game he's a solid back.
JW: Who would be better suited to run against the Steelers?
AM: Probably Suggs because he's a little quicker with a little more shiftiness. Green's more of a power guy and we have a pretty good track record against power guys.
JW: How are they playing the run so well?
AM: When they played Baltimore, (Jonathan) Ogden was out and Kenard Lang ate up Ethan Brooks for three sacks and that affected their running game a lot. Now, they're going to be solid against the run. Their corners, Anthony Henry is like Chad Scott with his size and can make some plays but doesn't have that great quickness, foot quickness, to be an excellent corner. He's got good ball skills. (Daylon) McCutcheon's a good corner; he's just small. Their safeties are playing well, a strong point. Linebacker-wise, Warrick Holdman I don't like at all. He's not instinctive. Andra Davis is instinctive but he's not stout in the middle. Chaun Thompson, the young guy who's still learning his way, he's got physical tools to play.
JW: How will they game-plan the Steelers? Make Ben beat them?
AM: I would say so. If I was any team right now, I would play the run and disguise (coverage) and try to trick Ben into throwing some bad passes.

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