One on One with Steelers RB Jerome Bettis

<b>GVB: </b>Three in a row, and any time you beat the Browns, it's sweet. <br><br><b>Bettis: </b> It is, it's sweet. This was a big game for us, a big division game.

It was one that we had to win and we came out and played really, really solid. We didn't the make the mistakes that usually beat you. We had one go back for a touchdown, but other than that we played pretty solid.

GVB: What can you say about the quarterback? He just seems to do what's necessary to get it done and you can't give up on a play on him, it looks like, because he scrambles.

Bettis: You know, he's able to make plays with his feet. That's a big benefit, a big plus for us. Those receivers, they're gonna get tired quick because he's asking a lot of them. His thing is "I'm not down 'til I'm down," and he's gonna reward those guys if they keep working for him.

GVB: Both sides of the ball seem to be feeding off one another. You got a big special teams play: I think that kickoff return to start the game by Colclough was a big spark, but everybody seems to be feeding off of one another right now.

Bettis: Yeah, everybody's feeding off one another. Everybody knows that this is a critical time right now. When you get an opportunity to win some football games early, you set yourself up for a second half run. We understand what's at stake, and we're just doing our job.

GVB: One final question about the defense: last year they said it was a little bit of an aberration for the Steeler defense. Twelve takeaways, they're leading the AFC in takeaways-a big turnaround for the defense.

Bettis: Yeah, they're playing physical. That's the one thing. They're playing physical football and when teams come in here they know they're getting a physical football game and as a result of that teams are making some mistakes. Our defense is capitalizing on them but there were still some more out there that they could have really capitalized on in the early part of the season. Everything's coming along well.

GVB: Thanks a lot, Jerome.

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