Steelers Defense Quote Book

<b>James Farrior</b><br> <i> The sack total doesn't show it, but you guys got good pressure on (Jeff) Garcia.</i><br> "Yeah. He got away from us a couple of times or we really could have had a lot more sacks.

We did a good job of scrambling. We knew he had good feet. He got away from us a couple of times."

Do you think the pressure disrupted what he was trying to do?
"Oh yeah. I definitely think our pressure was excellent today. I think every time he went back to throw the ball, somebody was in his face. So we did a good job with that."

Did you blitz more today than you did in the first three or four games?
"I don't think so. We had good balance. I don't think the blitz was used any more than what we've done in the past. It's just that we were getting there."

Is this becoming a more confident group at 4-1 and on top of the division? Are you growing in confidence every week?
"I think we're growing, but we all know that we didn't play our best game today. We still have room for a lot of improvements. We still have some things that we need to work on to make ourselves a better team."

Such as?
"We missed some sacks, we blew some coverage's. They got some plays on us. We have to stop that to become a good defense."

You guys did a better job of stopping the running game today.
"Yeah. We were gap sound and everybody did their job. It helped us too that our offense was putting points on the board. After a while, we knew they weren't going to run that much."

Clark Haggans
What happened on the fumble recovery? It looked like Garcia had it before you?
"He did. I just tried to get it. We had a hot potato contest with the football and I came up with it."

It seemed like the intent was to blitz him. You seemed to do it a lot.
"We just went out there and tried to force him to make errors. I think he called some timeouts when we gave him some funky reads. We did some things. He threw some ill-advised passes. We got our hands on them, but we have to come down with interceptions. It was a solid win for us. We're in first place. We have Dallas next week. We're just going to take it one week at a time."

It looked like at times you guys got a little tentative because of his ability to avoid the rush.
"He's real elusive. He holds the ball out there and he has a great grip on the ball. I think it that allows him to really move around. He's real slippery in the pocket. It was one of those thinks that he's a great athlete, you know he can run as well as throw. I know he does a lot of improvising when he gets the ball and receivers get open downfield. Sometimes he runs it, sometimes he throws it for a big gain. We just tried to keep everyone around him and keep him contained."

Chris Hope
We got to see two quarterbacks running around quite a bit out there today. That's especially tough on the DBs, isn't it?
"In a way, but Ben (Roethlisberger) was looking more to throw than run. Garcia was looking to run and keep running. Every play he called he was moving, even if there wasn't pressure. He's definitely an antsy quarterback."

Had you seen that from him? It seemed like you wanted to put a lot of pressure right up in his face.
"We saw on tape that he was very sporadic, that he liked to move to throw. They like to run deep routes, but with our pressure, that's tough to do. He was moving around and trying to throw the ball and they weren't done with their routes yet when he was getting rid of the ball."

You guys were giving up field goals, they were giving up touchdowns. That's a pretty good tradeoff, huh?
"Oh definitely. Any time you hold a team to a field goal down inside the red zone, that's a win. And our offense was going down and putting points on the board, so that was a good tradeoff for us."

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