Welcome Back Kendrick

<b>GVB: </b> Welcome back. I know you're happy to be back in this locker room. <br><br> <b>Clancy: </b> Yeah, very happy to be back in the locker room. I got my old locker and everything.

GVB: Tough circumstances. Casey Hampton, tough guy to replace, but I know you and Hoke are going to do your best.

Clancy: You know, right now Hoke's starting, and I'm just here to back up, so I'll do my best, play my role.

GVB: Since you left have you kept yourself in pretty good shape and worked out?

Clancy: I'm still in pretty good shape. I'm not in football shape. You can get in football shape only by playing football. I've been running, lifting weights some, mostly running. It'll take me about a week, two weeks to get back into the swing of things, refreshing my playbook and picking it up. That's why I left off before I got hurt.

GVB: Have you been following what they've been doing? You have to be pleased with the great start.

Clancy: I really haven't been watching football like I said the other day. I wasn't playing so I didn't want to…I wanted to be part of the game. I had to realize about the real world and what was going on in my life.

GVB: The injuries have hit this club, but other clubs have gone through injuries. That's why they call it a team, I guess.

Clancy: That's it. When someone gets injured someone else has to step up. That's it, that's why it's a team.

GVB: Getting back up to speed…it is the bye week, so that can help you get back to speed a little quicker.

Clancy: That's gonna help me get back up to speed real quick. I can go out there and grind it out this week, and then come next week polish up my skills or whatever and get ready for next Sunday.

GVB: I appreciate it, Kendrick.

Clancy: Ok, thank you.

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