One on One with Steelers LB Larry Foote

<b>GVB: </b>Larry, the bye week coming right now, maybe at a good time…some guys nicked up a little bit. You guys are on a little bit of a role but it will be good to get some guys healthy. It might be coming at a good time right now, this one.

Foote: Yeah. A lot of us are banged up a little, we're sore. It's perfect. We never knew at the beginning of the season how perfect the timing was going to be, but it definitely good timing.

GVB: All right. Are you pleased with the start you guys have gotten off to? You guys are playing some pretty good football. I was just talking with Jay Riemersma and he said, "yeah, we're happy to be where we are but there are a lot of things to do yet."

Foote: Oh yeah. I mean, ten mores games-we have a long way to go. We can't keep thinking about what we've done so far because, you know, this league is a real challenge. It doesn't matter who you're playing. We just have to keep getting better.

GVB: Are you pleased with the way things have gone for you personally? You stepped into the breach and you responded.

Foote: I always had confidence in myself, that as soon as I got my opportunity I'd be ready to perform. One thing I know I gained is the confidence of my teammates. That's the most important thing.

GVB: The loss of Chad Scott, the loss of (Casey Hampton), that's gonna hurt the defense. You had other problems earlier when you lost Kendall Simmons. I guess that's why they call it a team. Riemersma was telling me that there was a meeting today and guys have realized that they have to step up.

Foote: Everybody's gotta step their game up when a Pro Bowl player like Casey Hampton…everybody's gotta step up. I mean, you look around the league and everybody's taking their bumps and bruises. Looking around the injury report, it's sickening to see so many guys getting hurt, but that's what a team's about. You gotta have depth. Our organization, Kevin Colbert, he's doing a great job bringing guys in.

GVB: Casey will be missed because I don't think people realize what the linebackers realize about what he does up front.

Foote: Oh yeah. We were just watching the Dallas game. He played tremendously. He was always in the backfield, pushing guys back. That's what Casey does. He's the best in the league at nose tackle. We're gonna miss him, but Chris Hoke's going to come in and surprise a lot of guys, but not us, not the team. We can see everyday that he can play, that he can compete. Hokey plays with a lot of enthusiasm.

GVB: In the secondary those guys are going to have to step up, too. You lose a guy like Chad Scott, who's a veteran, and you have Willie Williams, another veteran, and some young guys who are gonna have to fill the bill.

Foote: They're gonna have to step up. We gotta play for the young guys. Willie, Chidi, they can step in and play. Chad Scott's definitely gonna be missed, but the young guys are gonna fill his shoes.

GVB: Question for you: what has Coach LeBeau meant for this defense? He just has an attitude, and I think that attitude pervades the whole defense.

Foote: Most definitely. The thing about LeBeau is when he's coaching you can feel like he's one of us, like he's one of your teammates, that he's on the team, but you look at him…he looks like your buddy, your friend. You want him in the trenches with you. He's sincere in what he says. He's a big help.

GVB: I appreciate it, Larry.

Foote: All right, no problem.

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