It's game seven

It must be a big game. <br><br> Steelers' media relations representatives said they've got as many requests for credentials as they get for a playoff game and there were no less than eight - count em - eight representatives from Pittsburgh's two "main" newspapers at the Steelers' offices on Wednesday.

Perhaps that is why head coach Bill Cowher felt it so necessary to remind everyone coming and going at his Tuesday press conference/propaganda meeting that this is only the team's seventh game of the season.
  • People wonder why players and some members of the media - OK, Jim and I - get so frustrated by the stupid questions asked of the players.

    Reporter to Hines Ward: "Hines, what can we expect to see Sunday?"

    Now what in the heck is Ward supposed to say to that?

    Some of these players have more patience than I would have with what's asked.

  • I was in a three or four-man group talking to Rod Woodson one time when he didn't like a stupid question that was asked. Woodson looked at the reporter, shook his head and walked away.

    Now I'm not supporting that kind of action, but I can certainly feel his frustration.

    There are times when I just want to grab a guy who asks a question and ask him what the hell he's thinking. It pretty much comes any time the "question" starts with the line, "Talk about ."

    Just one time, I'd like somebody to say, "No, I don't want to talk about that."

    Since when did "Talk about ." become a freaking question.

  • Don't mean to vent on you guys on the eve of the most important seventh game of the season, but you can file that under "Things that make you go hmm."

  • I don't expect Kendrell Bell to play Sunday. In fact, I'm guessing that between now and Sunday he comes down with some soreness that will keep him out of action.

    It's not that Bell doesn't want to play, but I think he's shooting for the Philadelphia game as a comeback date. The man had surgery less than a month ago and if he tears something again, he'll be done for the season.

    As Cowher has been trying to point out, this is just the seventh game of the season.

  • During our conference call with him, Ty Law was asked which Steelers' receiver he'll cover since Plaxico Burress is on such a tear.

    Let's see, Hines Ward has caught at least six passes in every game and has 43 receptions on the year. Burress has 18 catches for the season.

    Who do you think Law will be following? Here's a hint, it won't be Lee Mays.

    Law didn't answer the question. He didn't need to.

  • That said, Burress is going to have to win his battles Asante Samuel, who will likely start in place of injured Tyrone Poole. For the Steelers to win Sunday, Burress has to make the Patriots pay for trying to take Ward out of the game.

  • Which streak will fall Sunday, Ben Roethlisberger's winning streak to begin his career or the Patriots 21 straight wins?

    Both are extraordinary. My money - if I were a betting man - would be on the team with the better coach.

  • The Patriots and Eagles - the Steelers next two opponents - will get a healthy dose of Duce Staley. The Sporting News had its list of the top five offseason moves this week and the Steelers' signing of Staley was nowhere to be found.

    Granted, the magazine did mention the team's selection of Roethlisberger with the 11th pick in the draft as the fourth best move in the league, but come on.

    Staley has been the wheels that have made the Steelers go. Roethlisberger has been good, Staley has made an average offensive line look great.

  • Then again, if you're going to be playing a huge game seven, what better time for No. 7 to shine?

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