One on One with Duce Staley

<b>GVB: </b>Duce, I guess this is one of the reasons you play football, games like this. <br><br><b>Staley: </b> Right. This is definitely going to be a game to remember. That's what I'm thinking going in. We have a tough task ahead of us but we're up for the challenge.

GVB: This is part of the reason you came to Pittsburgh: to be in this situation, to play in these types of ballgames. You have to be pleased with the way things have gone so far.

Staley: Oh, I am, definitely with the offense, how we're running the ball, how we're executing, definitely in the red zone. That's all you want. You want to be able to run the ball and when you're out there you want to take advantage of what the defense gives you. One thing you know about the Steelers is that we're definitely going to run the ball; that's been our forte.

GVB: And one of the reasons you're able to run the ball is, knock on wood, the line has stayed healthy and they've played well.

Staley: Without a doubt. All five of them. All those guys are warriors. You look at film from the games we played, and I don't think there's a game when we couldn't run the ball. Besides the Baltimore game when we got behind and had to start throwing the ball, and even then we ran the ball pretty good.

GVB: You know New England's probably going to try to throw some things at Roethlisberger, but he seems to be the type of guy who doesn't get too rattled. It'll be interesting.

Staley: It will be. His first…well, his second, because Dallas had a tough defense…his second tough task. Like I said, New England does a lot of different things on defense. We gotta make sure we're ready.

GVB: You have to like the way things are falling into place for this team. Last year seemed like none of the facets were functioning all at once. The defense has played well, the offense is doing some things, special teams, everything seems to be clicking.

Staley: Right. There's still room for improvement and that's why we watch film. The Steelers are going to be a force and go out there and make things better. You saw against Dallas that we missed a couple of opportunities on the field. That game is behind us and we were lucky to get a "W," but against a team like New England we have to be ready to go out and take advantage of what they give us.

GVB: Duce, I appreciate it.

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