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<b>Ben Roethlisberger</b><br> <i> When Ty Law went out, were you aware of that?</i><br> "Absolutely, we know when a player like Ty Law goes out of a game.

He is an All-Pro cornerback. You have to know that. It is one of those things where he is out and now we have to keep an eye on whoever is over there. We noticed it a couple of times, I was yelling from the sideline that we had a mismatch height-wise with Plaxico (Burress). I said let's get the ball to Plaxico. We did end up throwing a touchdown the second time.

I think you are something like 39 for 49 in your last two games with four touchdowns, no interceptions. Rookies aren't supposed to do that.
"We are just trying to take one game at a time. It has only been five games, We will keep saying it over and over again, let's not get too excited. We are just trying to keep our focus, keep our mind on the straight and narrow, and focus on Philadelphia.

Are you surprised that you have adapted so well to the NFL?
"It is more than just me. Obviously we have a great team offensively and defensively. We are out there playing together. We are playing unselfish football right now. People are making plays all over the field. Guys have helped me out a tremendous amount. I can't say enough about what they have done for me.

Duce Staley
That was a really quick start for you guys.
"That's what you want. That's what we talk about. We talk about starting fast and finishing strong. Whoever thought we'd start that fast? But we were able to continue to stay in the game. After halftime, going in, we were up, but we didn't get lackadaisical or anything. We came back out, got a turnover and we were able to continue down the field. It was one of those days where everything was going right for us.

That third quarter drive, you guys ran the ball 13 times in 14 plays.
"I talked about that early in the week, sustaining drives. To make sure that time of possession was in our favor. That's one thing we did. Any time you're able to have a lead against a great team and be able to chop some time off the clock, that's text book. That's how you want to write it down.

Plaxico Burress
When Ty Law went out, you guys attacked the rookie cornerback right away.
"It's like they say, when there's blood in the water, you have to go after them. We knew that Ty had gone down and they were a man short. We went after them as far as throwing the ball.

Did you deliberately go deep when he went out?
"We were going to attack them regardless, but more with him being out. We tried to attack the corners because we didn't geel they could go out and guard us. Even with Ty being in the game, we still wanted to go out there and attack their secondary. With him out, it was kind of a blow for them because they had Eugene Wilson playing out of position. He's a safety. You don't want to get caught playing out of position in this league.

Your defense really stepped up in this game.
"It was a great team effort, defensively, offensively, special teams. For the defense to shut down Tom Brady and come up with some huge turnovers, that was big. It put us in great field position. It was a great team victory for us and the city of Pittsburgh. There was so much excitement out there on the field. It's been such a long time since we've had an exciting game like that. And for us to win one like that, we've got a long way to go, but we're 6-1.

Are you the best team in the AFC?
"I don't see why not.

Hines Ward
General statement
"When you're a running team, you're going to play physically. That's why it was hard last year. It's kind of hard to be a physical team when you're a passing team. We've established our run game and we've got balance now. That''s what we had in 2001 and that's big. We run and when they try to shut down the run, we've got two great wideouts on the outside, it's hard to defend us.

Did you guys make a statement?
"I think so. A lot of people say 'You guys haven't played anybody.' We don't make our schedule. We can only play who's on the schedule. We were picked third or fourth in our division. But we've proven a lot of people wrong.

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