Steelers CB Willie Williams Feels Good

<b>GVB: </b> It has to feel good. They came in here on such a roll and you guys took the wind out of their sails.

Williams: Oh yeah. It really feels good. Especially because we were playing at home. When you win games at home that's just even better for us. This is our house and we gotta protect it. Play hard on special teams, offense, and defense.

GVB: You guys had to step up. You had some key injuries on defense and the guys stepped up, you and some of the other guys stepped up.

Williams: Yeah, we had to. That's the point of having backups. You sign backups to come in in case the stars go down. You have to be ready to play at any time. It could be one play away from being out there. We prepared ourselves well for this weekend and we came out with a victory. It still feels good.

GVB: At one point they had one yard rushing, just at the beginning of the second half. You shut them down. Of course they got behind and weren't running that much, but to shut them down like that was something.

Williams: It feels good to know that we can come in and put some pressure on Tom Brady, force him to throw some bad balls. They still have a great football team. We were just a better team today and we'll just go back to the drawing board, put in some time, and get ready to play Philly.

GVB: What about the way the offense played? They jumped on those guys right from the get-go.

Williams: That's what we like to see. If the offensive team can pound the ball and keep the defense off the field, that's great, and we're just going to make the turnovers and offense is going to take advantage of it.

GVB: Thanks a lot.

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