Maddox practices, speaks about his future

<i>How'd you feel today?</i><br> I felt good. I felt a little better than I thought I probably would coming out. I was a little rusty, but all in all, I threw a little more than I thought I would, but I felt good.

Are you disappointed with the coach's decision or do you understand it?
"Well, both. I think you're always disappointed, but at the same time you understand it. You understand the team's on a roll and playing well. I think everybody knows me. I'm in it for all of these guys. I want us to do well and be a great team and go as far as we can. Whatever decision he's got to make, he's got to make. I just have to go out there and prepare and see what happens.

It seems like you and Ben have a good relationship. How has that grown?
"I think it grows every week. He and I get along very well. We've got a lot in common. My personality is such that I want everyone to do well. I want to do anything to help Ben on the field. That's what I'm going to do. I'm very comfortable with that.

Were you limited all today?
Not really. I kept on throwing different routes just to see. Everything felt pretty good. It probably felt better than I expected it to.

You could play Sunday if they needed you?
"We'll see. I'll probably do a little bit more tomorrow and continue to kind of build up as the week goes on and see where we are.

You're six weeks removed from the injury. They said it would take six weeks before you'd be ready to throw. Are you a fast healer?
"Yeah. I usually do. I kind of know that about my body. I felt like I was ahead of schedule, but until you start throwing, you don't really know. I started feeling good about it a couple of weeks ago and decided to start throwing.

Where are you now from when you first picked up the ball?
"I'm leaps and bounds from that. It's just getting back in a rhythm and throwing. It was just nice to go out and drop back and hit receivers that are moving. Before it was just testing the arm out and seeing where it was.

Will you still be doing the other stuff, range of motion and stuff?
"Yeah, I'll still be doing all the rehab and continue to try to strengthen it. I think that's the biggest thing now is to continue to throw and get it back in shape. It's not something I usually do, take six weeks off without throwing at all. It's something I'll continue to have to work on.

Do you ever look at the situation and feel a little sorry for yourself?

How do you fight that off?
"Pretty easily. Anybody that really knows me knows that I know God has a plan for my life so I don't sweat it too much. I know things happen for a reason and we'll figure out what that reason is. I just go out there and do my job and help this team win in any way I can.

You waited a long time to start in this league and you had it for a brief period.

Now you've got a running game, a defense, an offensive line, the whole nine yards and you get injured.
"That's the way it works. I by no means think that my career is winding down. I'm a young 33 years old and I feel like I have a lot of football ahead of me.

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