Steelers FB Dan Kreider, Eagles Huge challenge

<b>GVB: </b> Dan, big game last week against New England, another big game this week against Philly-I guess this is one of the reasons you play the game, for games like this.

Dan Kreider: There's no doubt about it. Last week was a pretty exciting week for going up against an undefeated, and obviously when you come away with a win, it's huge. We gotta put it behind us now and get ready for this team because this is another huge challenge. We're gonna need the same type of effort this week.

GVB: You have to be pleased with the way things are falling into place. Last week was a total team effort, all facets of the game. You have to like that.

Kreider: Yeah, no doubt about it. Obviously we had some breaks go our way with turnovers and we were able to make something happen with that, get some points. It feels good to be solid across the board, but like I said you gotta keep plugging away each week and be solid at every phase.

GVB: What about this running game? You have to be pleased with the way it's clicking. The line has been playing great, you've been singled out for some of the blocking you're doing-it's fun to block for some of these guys.

Kreider: Yeah, I give the offensive line a lot of credit. Those guys are playing hard, physical and when those guys do their job it makes everybody else's job a little bit easier. Give Duce, Jerome, and Verron a lot of credit; those guys are running through tackles and they get some tough yards and hopefully they can keep doing that.

GVB: You mentioned the physical aspect of the game. That's something that's been evident in most of the games this year. They've really been getting after it up front.

Kreider: Yeah. I think it goes back to training camp. We've been putting the pads on all year and banging a couple of days a week, so that happens on Sunday, makes it a little bit easier to play on Sunday.

GVB: As you see it: the keys against the Eagles for this club.

Kreider: Well, they like to blitz. I think it's gonna be a matter of us picking up the blitz and hitting our hots in some of the pass game, and in the run game just getting a hat on a hat, like Cowher likes to say a lot of the time. We'll just go from there.

GVB: Thanks a lot, Dan.

Kreider: Sure.

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