Steelers CB Ike Taylor, First of many to come

<b>GVB: </b> Ike, you have to be pleased with this start, with the way this team's playing right now.

Ike Taylor: Yeah, we're playing real good right now. All of us are on the same page but the most important thing is we're practicing hard and going out on Sundays and having fun.

GVB: It doesn't seem like they're getting too caught up in the start, though. Talking to some of the veterans, they're keeping an even keel: still lots of things to do.

Taylor: Oh no, we don't even think about our record, to be honest with you. We just try to go out there and compete to the best of our ability.

GVB: Another team coming in that's unbeaten. We talked about New England last week. I guess this is one of the reasons you guy play football, games like this.

Taylor: Exactly, but we don't go out and even think about who has the best record. Any given Sunday, a team that's 1-6, 2-6, that team can come out and play. Like I said earlier, we just try to go out there and play football.

GVB: It had to be a thrill for you to get the interception. I know you're happy about that. Maybe that's just the first of many. Hopefully, right?

Taylor: Yeah, hopefully that's the first of many. That play's over, like they say, and now it's time to go out there this week and buckle down on the Philadelphia Eagles.

GVB: What kind of a challenge do they pose to the secondary? They throw the ball, they throw it well. I guess a lot of the focus is on Owens. It must be a thrill to go up against a receiver like that, too.

Taylor: Yeah, it's a thrill to go up against a receiver like that any time, but I feel like it's a thrill in practice going up against Hines, Plax, and Randle El, you know? I never take things out of perspective, but it is a thrill going up against Terrell Owens.

GVB: McNabb presents a lot of problems. He's a guy who can hurt you with his feet, too.

Taylor: Another running back. McNabb is another running back. He's a big-play guy, T.O.'s a big-play guy. They've been making plays for a long time so we just gotta try to do the best we can do.

GVB: Ike, I appreciate it.

Taylor: No problem, thank you.

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