Randy Grossman excited to be back

<b>GVB:</b> It has to be a real thrill to get back together again with all these guys. <br><br><b>Grossman:</b> Well I'll tell you, it's a scream to see all these old farts together in one place. It's fun.

GVB: What was it, looking back, that made this team so special for such a long period of time?

Grossman: I think there was a number of components. I think the number one component was Chuck Noll and his style of selection of players, the kind of players he wanted to have on his team. I think the second thing was the amount of time we all spent together. We all just knew each other. We knew what guys were going to do. We always had amazing confidence that somehow or another somebody was going to step up when it had to be done.

GVB: The team changed during that whole period, too. It was a great defensive club and then it turned into a great offensive team, too.

Grossman: Well, it started out as a great defensive team and it stayed a great defensive team. It basically added a high-scoring machine when it matured with Bradshaw and Lynn and John. Then we could air the ball out with anybody, and obviously we could run with anybody. So it was a very special team.

GVB: Looking back, one special memory from that whole time that stands out?

Grossman: I think the most special memory is just the guys who were in that locker room. It was a special group of people.

GVB: Randy, I appreciate it. Good to see you again.

Grossman: Thank you.

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