L.C. Greenwod : Played Like A Team

<b>GVB:</b> Special times, getting together with these guys again. <br><br><b>Greenwood:</b> It's always great to get with these guys, great to see these guys, guys…we lived together for a number of years, we did a lot of things together.

We accomplished a lot together. It's always great to see these guys. It's unfortunate we don't get a chance to see each other that often, but it's always great when we get a chance to see each other, just good times.

GVB: All these years later, L.C., looking back does it really strike you, what you guys accomplished?

Greenwood: Now it's starting to because I think about that sometimes. Before I didn't think about that but now I do. Somebody asked me earlier. I just kind of feel that we're part of the Pittsburgh turnaround: from the steel to the things going on right now, the computer age and all the stuff that's happening today in Pittsburgh. I think the Steelers are a part of making that stuff happen.

GVB: What does it say about these guys, too, that so many of them stayed in the area when they were done playing?

Greenwood: That's what's so great about it, I think. We came here, we played here, we worked here, we stayed here. We became part of the community. We're always doing some kind of charity project. We're involved.

GVB: You're up for the Hall of Fame again. So many Steelers have gotten in. Do you think about that at all?

Greenwood: Oh, I didn't even know that and you're the first to bring that up to me, so now I gotta think about that. I'm happy with the way things are now, with me and my life. I'm happy that a lot of the guys I played with are in, including Coach Noll, so I don't have to be there. I'm satisfied not being there. I know what my contributions were and my teammates know what my contributions were. It looked like my city knew what my contributions were, and that's all that's important.

GVB: Final question: as you look back on that championship run, is there anything that sticks out in your mind, any special moment?

Greenwood: I think it was probably the greatest run in the history of the NFL because it was just a dominating period with all the guys and all the teams-I think there were 28 teams at that time in the NFL-that we just dominated for the whole period, from '73 all the way through '80.

GVB: Thanks a lot, L.C.

Greenwood: You're welcome.

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