Steelers Great John Stallworth: It's fantastic

<b>GVB:</b> John, it has to be great to get together with all these guys again. <br><br><b>Stallworth:</b> It is. It's fantastic. I haven't seen some of these guys in over ten, fifteen years. It brings back a lot of great memories.

GVB: A lot of years have passed now, but as you look back and take a look at what you guys accomplished, does it really stand out and stick out in your mind, what you guys did?

Stallworth: It's a lot easier now, looking back, to put it in perspective. It was difficult doing it in the time we were playing, to get away from it and look at it from a historical perspective, but now it's a lot easier…easy to say now that we were among the best who ever did it.

GVB: What was it about this team that made it such a great team for that period? You started out as a great defensive bunch and you stayed that way, and then the offense came out.

Stallworth: I think it was the camaraderie we had, the bonding, the much-talked-about family atmosphere of the ball club that we had. Also I think it was the flexibility of the ball club, of the leadership to be able to say "I'm going to play to my strong suit." A lot of times later on people would try to lock on to what had got us there from the early years, but Chuck Noll and his staff made the change, and we grew with that.

GVB: It's even more amazing when you look at football today in the age of free agency. It would be hard to keep a like this together. That makes it even more amazing, that you guys stayed together for that period.

Stallworth: That is so true. Playing under today's rules we never could have kept that many guys, the nucleus of the team together over the course of those six, ten years.

GVB: Looking back, does any one thing stick out from over that whole period?

Stallworth: Harkening back to something said earlier, it's the relationships that we formed moreso than the Super Bowls, moreso than the Pro Bowls, moreso than the championships. It was the relationships we formed that have existed to this day.

GVB: Thanks a lot, John.

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