Q & A with Steelers CB Deshea Townsend

<b>GVB:</b> Congratulations. Another great effort by this team; you have to be pleased. <br><br><b>Townsend:</b> Most definitely. We play to win and every week when we go out there we want to put our best foot forward.

GVB: There was so much talk about the matchup between their receivers coming in and the fact that Donovan McNabb makes a lot of things happen, and you guys took it to them pretty good.

Townsend: I talked to some guys earlier in the week, saying that we had to show them a lot of different looks, to not be afraid to go blitzing, put the corners in one-on-one situations, switch up the zones, show them some different looks. We were able to do that today.

GVB: You and I have talked before about what Coach LeBeau has meant to this defense, what he's brought in with the aggressiveness. I think you saw a little bit of that today, what he's done with it.

Townsend: Most definitely. He's gonna put us in the best situation for us to win. He knows a lot about defense and I'm just glad to have him as our coordinator right now.

GVB: Jumping on them early, like you did, sort of took some things away from them, too.

Townsend: You have to give a of credit to our o-line. How we run the ball puts us in a great situation. I think it was forty minutes for time of possession for our offense, so if we just keep getting the ball back as quickly as we can for them, we'll be all right.

GVB: Everybody thought that they might hit a bump in the road without Duce, but the Bus stepped up.

Townsend: Oh yeah, most definitely. He still has it in him. Never count out a Hall of Famer. That's one thing about a player: you accept your role but you wait for your opportunity to go out there and do what you know how to do best and Jerome, he knows how to carry the ball 20-25 times in a game.

GVB: Now it's just a question of keeping that momentum going.

Townsend: Most definitely. It's all about the little things is what we always say, coming in, watching film, preparing-preparation is always how we play, and we're gonna keep doing the little things.

GVB: Thanks a lot, Deshea.

Townsend: Thank you.

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