Hines Ward: Its a great feeling

<b>GVB:</b> Hines, two statement games in a row. The sky's the limit right now for this team. <br><br><b>Ward:</b> Yeah, it is. We're riding high right now with a lot of confidence. It's just a great feeling because nobody expected us to be in this position.

To beat two quality teams back-to-back in the Patriots and Eagles can't say enough about this organization. We're a great ball club. If we just continue going out there and being consistent, playing the way we're playing, we're probably going to be one of the teams to beat. We're starting to become a great football team, and that's just a great feeling being that nobody expected us to do anything.

GVB: Duce was out of the lineup today but the running game didn't miss a beat.

Ward: They shouldn't miss a beat. One guy goes down, another guy needs to step up. For us, for me, this is still Jerome Bettis's team. It couldn't happen to a greater guy than Jerome because he's been through so much just this year as far as having a guy come in, being named the starter, and he was doing all the dirty work and Jerome got to score and people were giving Jerome flack about that. This will always be his team as long as he's on it. He's the total and ultimate pro. He's taught me so much as far as handling things. It couldn't have happened to a greater guy.

GVB: You touched on your defense, too. They got after them today.

Ward: Yeah, our defense has done tremendously. We controlled the ball forty minutes and our defense will be out there fresh the remainder of the minutes. To me that's a great combination. I think we're playing well right now and we have to continue to do that because we complement each other, and that's the sign of a good team, complement. When the defense gives up a touchdown we have to go right down there and score. We've been doing that this year.

GVB: Thanks a lot, Hines.

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