Steelers Great Mike Wagner Thanks Rooneys

<b>GVB:</b> Mike, it must be great to get together with all these guys again.<br><br><b>WAGNER:</b> Oh, it's really wonderful. Number one, we thank the Rooneys, who are responsible for bringing us back.

Last night, seeing Dan and Art and all my old teammates was just wonderful, and then today we get to spend some time with the fans and relive some of the moments, and of course we, the players, are going to relive some of those great moments from the '79 team.

GVB: When you look back at that run of championships there have to be so many great moments. Anything in particular stick out in your mind?

WAGNER: I think at the time we didn't appreciate how special or difficult it was. I think we knew that it was something special, but it was a time when everybody just enjoyed it, and my memory of the time was that we were always up the challenge, no one ever assumed that we were gonna win any of the championships, and probably the fleeting moment is that it happened so quickly and it's over, you know? You go in the locker room, you get the trophy, you come back here and you celebrate for a day or two, and then it's all over. It's kind of good news/bad news. The one thing that's not over is the way the fans treat us here in Pittsburgh. When I'm not in the area, back home, some of my buddies will be like "Hey, those Pittsburgh Steeler fans are pretty great." We're treasures. When they recognize us, when they know who we are, the people are so thankful. They hold us in awe, which is kind of amazing to me.

GVB: The other thing about those teams is the way they were built, and today's free agency wouldn't let it happen that way. They were rather unique in that regard.

WAGNER: Yeah, the free agency term was one that wasn't very accurate if you remember; they called us free agents but we were essentially indentured, and it worked to our benefit, that's for sure, because quite honestly I don't think the majority of that team would have stayed together for that period of time. But here we are today and this is a pretty good looking team here. You can see what New England and a couple of other teams have done during the free agency period. Yes it's different, but we still have a nucleus of players here today who can maybe win a couple of championships.

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