Q & A with Russell Stuvaints

<b>GVB:</b> Russell, it had to feel great to contribute like that, picking up the fumble and running it in for a touchdown.

Stuvaints: Yeah, it felt great. It feels great to get a chance to contribute on this great team, Coach Cowher's team and Coach LeBeau's defense. I'm having the time of my life. It feels good.

GVB: You were in and out with this club last year, this year…looking at the difference in this defense that carries essentially the same personnel in a lot of respects, what's the big difference with this defense?

Stuvaints: Everyone's been standing together playing Coach LeBeau's Blitzburgh defense, making plays, and having fun doing it.

GVB: A lot of the guys give a lot of credit to Coach LeBeau. He's really a great teacher, I guess.

Stuvaints: Yeah, he has great defensive schemes and he sets the plan up each week for us to execute. He makes the plan, we get it done.

GVB: In your wildest dreams, as you looked at the start of the season and all the things that were going on, did you believe that a rookie quarterback could step in and play at this kind of level?

Stuvaints: Big Ben's the guy. You could see it from the beginning that he had the potential and all the attributes. You could see what was going to happen. I was excited when he took over the ropes as quarterback and I'm happy to see the way everything has gone.

GVB: What about the record so far? Everybody is happy with the way you guys have played. I've talked to a lot of the veterans; they have their heads on pretty straight, and they know there's still a lot of football to be played.

Stuvaints: Oh, so much football to be played. We hope to be playing for a long time, all the way into February. Each game is a big game and we have to step up to the challenge each week.

GVB: Another big game this week, another division foe, another time around with the Bengals. It could be tough.

Stuvaints: It's gonna be a tough game. We have to go to their place, and they're a pretty good team with good athletes: Chad Johnson, Carson Palmer, and Rudi Johnson and everyone else on their team. It's going to be tough.

GVB: I've been talking to some of the DBs and they have pretty good receivers. It's going to be a challenge.

Stuvaints: It's a good challenge. Every week is a challenge and Chad Johnson is a really good receiver. You heard Champ Bailey saying earlier this year that he's one of the best, so it's up to us to step to the challenge and do our best.

GVB: Russell, I appreciate it.

Stuvaints: Thank you.

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