Steelers-Bengals Quotes

<b>Ben Roethlisberger</b><br> What happened with all of the sacks?<br> "Give a lot of credit to the Cincinnati defense. They came with a lot of different things, and our defense had to pick up a lot of things.

I take the blame for a lot of the sacks. A lot of those sacks, I probably should have gotten rid of the ball. It was one of those things that you have to laugh off and come back and make something happen the next time."

Did you get flustered out there at all?
"I wasn't flustered; I was disappointed in myself. We're a great offense. We definitely didn't play our best today, but that's the sign of a good team - you can win when you don't play good."

Was there more pressure playing in front of all of your former teammates and college coach?
"Before the game, it was neat to see them. But during the game, you totally forget about it. You focus on the football aspect of it. But then you get to see them after the game, so it's good before and after the game."

How did losing Plaxico Burress affect the offense?
"Plax (Burress) is such a threat. If he's not catching balls, just the threat of him catching a deep ball is a real threat. We had receivers step up today. Lee Mays caught some balls, (and so did) Antwaan Randle El. We just have to continue to get better and let Plax get better because we're going to need him on the field."

James Farrior
Your defense has been producing points.
"It's been that type of a season. When the offense struggles, it's the defense' job to pick us up. I thought we stepped up big today. It's just been that type of a season."

Was the interception a read on your part or were you just dropping and he threw it to you?
"He really just threw it to me. It was just one of those plays where I was dropping into coverage and the ball was there."

Jeff Hartings
What happened on the sacks?
"I think people forget that coach over there has come up with some pretty good defenses. He comes up with some good schemes, but where we really failed was on third down in the red zone. We gave up some sacks and had some penalties down there that cost us points and that's an area where we had been pretty good this season."

Was Ben (Roethlisberger) holding the ball too long.
"We got ourselves into some bad situations on third downs down there by not doing much on first and second down. And then we gave up some sacks that got us out of scoring position. You can stand back there and say that Ben held the ball too long, but he also made some plays by keeping things alive. I'm going to live and die with that kind of scrambling. If we give up five sacks or whatever, if we can get a few big plays because he's keeping a play alive longer, so be it."

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