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<b><u>Duce Staley</u></b><br> Coach made the ultimate decision and I respect that decision. He decided to pull me and get ready for Jacksonville and that's exactly what I'm doing.

When you see Jerome (Bettis) get his fourth straight 100-yard game, what does it say about this running game?
"It's definitely potent. I saw that in training camp when we were able to have the one-two punch. Jerome's definitely done a great job the past couple of weeks. That's what you're going to get from the Steelers. We're going to pound the ball and continue to rotate backs in and backs out and run the football.

Is there a rust factor for running backs?
"I don't know.

Joey Porter
We've been put in some circumstances where the defense has been stepping up all year. That's a good football team out there.

How bad did you want the shutout, or didn't that enter into it?
"We wanted that goal line stand because they got a couple of penalties that we didn't think were penalties that kept that drive alive. We wanted to make that fourth-down stand, but they ran a good play and beat us.

Bill (Cowher) said he overruled Dick (LeBeau) on that. (LeBeau) wanted to come after him, do you think that would have worked?
"Probably. Throughout the game, we made him throw some balls in the dirt just because of the pressure. He was jumping in the air to throw the ball. Who knows?

Is this the most aggressive this defense has been since you've been here?
"Yeah. We have the guys to do the things LeBeau wants to do. We have the personnel. Our safeties, it always comes down to our secondary. You have to have good people up front, but the secondary has to be able to get you out of some jams. Willie Williams stepping up for Chad Scott and the young guys Ricardo and Ike are doing a good job.

When you guys are playing this confident, can you play that much faster?
"Yeah. It's a confident group we have on defense. It's a big difference between now and last year. Last year, there were packages we ran that guys weren't comfortable with. The packages we have now, with all the guys being here in the offseason, we've picked it up really well.

James Farrior
Are you watching what's going on with the other teams?
"We can't worry about anybody else right now. It's not really on my mind. I don't care what they do.

Have you been more aggressive this year than the previous two or three years?
"I think so. It's a combination of a lot of things. As well as our offense has been playing - they've struggled the past couple of weeks - but they've allowed us to be aggressive. I think they help us with our aggressiveness.

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