Q & A with Steelers LB James Harrison

<b>GVB: </b> Maybe on style points it wasn't the prettiest win in the world but a win's a win. You guys did what you needed to do. <br><br><b>Harrison: </b> Right. That's all we're trying to do: come out with a W.

GVB: That's two weeks in a row the special teams have really come up big. You've really been coming up big all season long. You really have to be proud of how the special teams are doing.

Harrison: Of course. We all take pride in what we do.

GVB: Six tackles out there. You were flying around. I guess whatever it takes, right?

Harrison: Exactly. I'm just contributing, doing my part.

GVB: What about Antwaan Randle El? I mean, is he exciting or is he exciting?

Harrison: You're trying to block a guy one way and he starts running the other way, you're trying to block this guy…hey, it's fine.

GVB: The one move he made on #45, you were partly blocking him but he just laid the guy out.

Harrison: I didn't see it.

GVB: That's what he does, though.

Harrison: That's what we expect.

GVB: Defensively, I think you guys got after him a little bit, forced him to throw off-rhythm. I thought it was a good defensive effort once again.

Harrison: Yeah, of course. The defense goes out there and they always do what they need to do.

GVB: And the offense just got the job done when they had to get it done.

Harrison: Hey, whatever it takes to get the win.

GVB: Jerome just keeps doing it, stacking four 100-yard games on top of each other.

Harrison: Hey, that's JB! He's been doing this for ten years now! Don't expect nothing less!

GVB: Hey, thanks a lot.

Harrison: All right, no problem.

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