Q & A with Steelers FS Chris Hope

<b>GVB: </b> Well, on style points, it probably wasn't the prettiest win you guys have ever had, but a win is a win. I know it was a tough, tough ball game and you're happy to come out of there with a victory.

Hope: The thing I heard Deshea say earlier, "There's no such thing as an ugly win unless you're in a boxing match," or something. We didn't play well from the looks of it. I'm pretty sure we could have done a lot of things better, but it just gives us an opportunity to show how resilient this team is.

GVB: What can you say about the play of the special teams? Two weeks in a row they've come up big in some instances.

Hope: Oh yeah. The punt return teams and coverage teams are doing excellent, as well as the kick return teams. They create field position for us each and every week and that's a phase of the game we cannot lose. We have to win the field position game each and every week.

GVB: Defensively, you guys came after Ramsey pretty good, I thought-made him think a little bit, made him throw faster than he wanted to.

Hope: We played pretty well on defense. We continued to eliminate the big play like we've done pretty much all season long. That's what we continue to live for.

GVB: Just continue to keep it going, stack one on top of the other, right?

Hope: Yeah, one at a time.

GVB: Thanks a lot, Chris.

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