Q & A with Steelers WR Hines Ward

<b>GVB: </b> Now, on style points it might not have been the prettiest win, but a win is a win. <br><br><b>Ward: </b> A win is a win. An ugly win or whatever you want to call it.

This game is based on wins and losses and right now we're 10-1. It's just a great feeling to be here. It's been this case all year; it seems like one guys goes down and the next guy fills in and we don't miss a beat. It's been that case all year, just a great team victory.

GVB: You told me a few weeks back that it's great proving the naysayers wrong. Not too many people gave the Steelers much of a chance this year.

Ward: You're right. It seems like every week…I remember when we played Philadelphia and New England…"Well, those guys can't beat them back-to-back." And then we do beat them. Then it goes into a situation where we're going to Cleveland and Cincinnati. "Well, that's a let-down game. They're bound to lose." It seems like everybody else is waiting for us to lose except for us. We're just trying to keep it going one week at a time and keep playing good team football.

GVB: What can you say about the special teams? They've come up big.

Ward: Man, Antwaan, he had a phenomenal day. The guys were blocking their tails off for him. Enough can't be said about Antwaan. Losing a guy like Plaxico and Antwaan coming in, stepping into his place, he did everything we asked him to do, what Plaxico was doing. We had some shots downfield and for whatever reason we didn't connect, so we left a lot of plays on the field. But it was encouraging. I was proud of him because everybody kept saying "He can't do it, he can't do it." That's the best thing: proving people wrong when they say you can't do it, and you prove them wrong. He just had a great attitude today. That's the reason he was able to contribute big in the win today.

GVB: Jerome just keeps rolling along.

Ward: Can't say enough about the guy. People say "He's too old, he's washed up," but Jerome's been running the same way. With the offensive line blocking as well as they've done this year, with that mix they're always going to put up a great scheme, but he's not top five for no reason. He still got some gas in the old Bus. It's just a great feeling to see everybody competing for him. It couldn't happen to a better guy.

GVB: Thanks a lot, Hines.

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