Q & A with Kimo von Oelhoffen

<b>GVB: </b> Kimo, you and I talked in training camp, we talked early in the season. You pointed out that not a lot of people gave this team a lot of credit but you were right on board with how good this team was going to be, even back in training camp, and you guys have sure put it together.

Kimo: Yeah. At that time I'd seen the way the vets had worked in the off-season and I believed that these guys had a purpose. We not have all the big names, but when you have that, I've been around the league long enough to know that you will win football games. I could see that earlier.

GVB: What about the way this defense has played? I guess, talking to some of the other guys, they all talk about what Dick LeBeau has meant, too. He's sort of put that fire back in the defense a little bit, too.

Kimo: Dick brings a belief. He's kind-hearted, he's soft-spoken. But he's an animal. He played like an animal. Every now and then you'll see spurts of it. It's exciting, man. It gets you going. You want to do well, not just for your players, for him, for Bill.

GVB: I heard one of the other reporters ask you about breaks, luck, some of the things that have happened. But good teams make their own breaks, too.

Kimo: Yeah. A big part of getting breaks is begin prepared, and we are prepared. We put ourselves in a lot of positions. Sometimes people let go a little, go overboard, and sometimes there is luck. Sometimes things happen, but they always happen, will always happen, and you just have to be in a position to make them happen.

GVB: What about guys stepping into the breach? You're had some injuries but guys seem to step up.

Kimo: It goes back to the off-season and the preparation now, the coaching. There are a lot of things involved other than just players playing well. They're good athletes, but they paid attention back in May, they're paying attention now, and we'll see where we can go.

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