Q&A with Steelers P Chris Gardocki

<b>GVB:</b> It has to feel great to win the division championship, another step on the road. <br><br><b>Gardocki:</b> Yeah, sure, that's one of the goals you set out to do:win the division first.

Ben, the whole team, all three phases of the game have done an outstanding job. Now that's done with and you have to look ahead. We look forward to the Giants this weekend.

GVB: This team just keeps coming up with ways to win football games.

Gardocki: That's part of the game. Whether it's offense, defense, or special teams, somebody has to step up and make plays, and we've had some injuries and guys have stepped in and played outstanding. It's just a credit to the guys in this locker room and the coaches and everybody in this organization.

GVB: It had to feel good for you, too. Tight ball game, and you just placed a couple of beautiful punts in there.

Gardocki: Yeah, it worked out well. It's just great to be a part of something special. I'm very lucky to be here.

GVB: You guys had to love that call down by the goal line with Bettis throwing the touchdown pass.

Gardocki: Yeah, that was nice. It was tight, too, because he had to get it out of there in a hurry. That was great for Jerome. He's had such a great year and I'm really happy for him as well.

GVB: You and I have talked before about how this team seems to be on such an even keel. Yes, you won the division title, but, as you pointed out, it's just the first step.

Gardocki: And that's part of it. You have to take care of your division first and you look forward from there. We've done that and we'll enjoy it tonight, but come Tuesday we get ready for a Saturday game. We'll have a tough one up in New York, away from home, and look forward to getting home after next week.

GVB: Chris, thanks a lot.

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