Q&A with Steelers LB Larry Foote

<b>GVB:</b> This has to feel good-the division championship. Not a lot of people gave this team a lot of credit before the season started, but look where you guys are right now.

Foote: Preseason…we try not to pay attention to that stuff. We knew what we had in this locker room. We just had to put it together.

GVB: You guys just keep finding ways to win football games. That's what it's all about.

Foote: That's what it's all about. Just find a way to win.

GVB: The defense came up big today. You had to love the call down at the goal line, too, with Bettis throwing the pass.

Foote: All I was saying was "Just get it there!" A lot of guys don't try to put a lot of mustard on it, but he just got it to him.

GVB: You guys knew it was going to be a tough game and you guys withstood some shots from them. The defense came up big when you had to.

Foote: We knew that was a good team. We might face them again. They're definitely a defensive team. All that matters is that we have to play defense, stop the run and put pressure on the quarterback.

GVB: Special teams in some areas came up big today, too. You had to love a couple of those punts Gardocki placed down there.

Foote: Ah man, I told him that next time we'd keep them down there forever! He's been doing a great job, been doing that all year. I don't want to say anything about our punter last year but every time he (Gardocki) puts the ball down there. Every game we get one or two of them. He's doing a great job.

GVB: The team is on such an even keel, though. Talking to some of the guys, you won the division title but still have a lot of work to do.

Foote: Yeah, a lot of work. We haven't even started yet.

GVB: Larry, I appreciate it.

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