Q&A with Deshea Townsend

<b>GVB: </B> Moving down the home stretch in this season and now you're sort of battling for position and what's going to happen in the playoffs.

It's interesting, you and New England out there. I guess it's a question of which one of you blinks coming down the stretch.

Townsend: We just have to take it week-by-week but you still want the chance to get a bye. The most important thing is you want that home-field advantage. Any time you get a chance to play at home you get a chance to feed off that crowd, and that gets us going.

GVB: This club has had so many people step into the breach. I mean, you're late in the season and guys are nicked up and banged up, but boy, it's just been amazing with the guys who have stepped in.

Townsend: That's part of having a good team. This is a very physical game we play; every team is beat up right now. Guys are just happy to have the opportunity to play.

GVB: What about this secondary? Everybody was looking at the secondary before the season. It has to make you feel good that you guys have stepped up the way you have.

Townsend: Oh yeah, you never want anybody saying that you're the weak link, "they don't hold up their end of the bargain." We come out there every week and prepare and we just go out there and try to compete. You can't really worry about what they're saying. We knew the kind of players we had inside this locker room.

GVB: I got some interesting comments from some other defensive players about what Dick LeBeau has meant to this defense.

Townsend: He's a great guy. He's a positive person so it's really easy to play for him. He's played the game and he knows what he's talking about, so that always helps.

GVB: Does he remind you guys of what a great defensive back he was?

Townsend: Oh yeah, he does that all the time. That's what makes him fun. He doesn't always talk about football. He can always go to the personal side and make you laugh as well.

GVB: What about the Giants this week? Tough game, because you're playing there. They're struggling but they're still dangerous. They've got a young quarterback who's struggling but he has a great pedigree. It's going to be interesting to see what you throw at Manning and the Giants.

Townsend: Coach LeBeau does a great job every week of getting us prepared. I'm sure he'll have his calls ready.

GVB: I was talking to some of the other guys-you have a young quarterback but it's a different situation. He's got some good people around him, he's got a running game. This is a tough time for Manning to go through but I guess it's a baptism-by-fire that all quarterbacks go through.

Townsend: Every rookie quarterback or quarterback who's first-time starting is going to struggle, but he has some good talent around him, too: Shockey, Toomer, Hilliard, Barber. It's just a matter of him getting more confidence and getting ready to play.

GVB: Just so it's not this week.

Townsend: I hope not!

GVB: Thanks a lot, Deshea.

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