Lots of talk, but little info

So let's see, according to Bill Cowher, the Steelers will play to win Sunday's game in Buffalo because they owe it to themselves to play hard. Yet at the same time, Cowher will keep an eye on the big picture.

Is that ambiguous enough of a statement for you?

Cowher spent 20 minutes double-talking his way through a press conference Tuesday, saying plenty and nothing at the same time. But that's nothing new.

You can bet the Steelers will guard their stars in Sunday's game. Sure they are going to try to win. But Cowher doesn't want guys running around out there thinking about not getting hurt, either.

© Some would think Sunday's game will be a good opportunity to get a look at some young players in game situations.

But with the injuries the Steelers have had this season, there aren't many players who haven't gotten a chance to see major minutes.

We'll see a lot of Max Starks at right tackle, with Oliver Ross sliding to the left side in place of Marvel Smith. Chukky Okobi will also play a lot for Jeff Hartings. We might even get to see Jim Jones at left guard in place of Alan Faneca. There may even be a Matt Kranchick sighting.

But the problem will be the inactives. If Ben Roethlisberger is deactivated as the third quarterback, the Steelers likely will have to add Brian St. Pierre to the active roster. That means somebody else has to be released.

The problem is, you start messing with team chemistry if you cut somebody now, days before they get themselves a playoff check.
  • Jerome Bettis will be the Steelers' starting running back in the playoffs with Duce Staley spelling him.

    Cowher told Staley last week that would be the case and Staley agreed that it had to be done.

    Chemistry is an important thing.

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